Gleaming Eyes

Natalie is my best friend, but no one is perfect. With her mood, even the pigment in her soft grey eyes change. It pulls at me, dragging me down, bringing me up, taking me from a sobbing wreck into fits of giggles and smiles.


3. Red Eyes

"Okay, maybe that was a bit strong..." I muttered to myself.

"I LOVED HIM! HE WAS THE WORLD TO ME!" Natalie cried, her red eyes glittering. 

Red eyes.

Gracious, she was angry now.

A crimson hue around her pupil, fading to a lighter scarlet around the edges. Flaming up, two shimmering rubies looked back at me, ablaze.

"SHUT UP!" I screamed, not being able to hold it in much longer. "HE WAS WORTHLESS!" 

I winced. I couldn't believe I had just snapped at my best friend like that. And to think, less than a minute ago I had been full of sympathy, desperate to calm her down, give her hope. But the thoughts inside me were just too cruel and heartless that even I decided not to mention them. Words, emotions, faces, colours were wizzing around inside my brain, all looking for the one way exit of my mouth.

"NO, HE WAS-" but before she could finish her sentence, Natalie was interrupted by a figure entering the park.

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