Gleaming Eyes

Natalie is my best friend, but no one is perfect. With her mood, even the pigment in her soft grey eyes change. It pulls at me, dragging me down, bringing me up, taking me from a sobbing wreck into fits of giggles and smiles.


4. Pink Eyes

We both looked the figure up and down. Hazel-brown hair, tall, muscular build, face carved by angels. 


It was Caleb.

I watched Natalie's delicate eyes soften, from a fiery red to a soft blossom colour, not dissimilar to the cherry blossoms above us, drifting in the spring breeze. I knew that although she was pretending to hate him, deep down he still held a place in her heart.

And her eyes, too.

"Just look away, Nat, look away..." I advised her, not that she listened. Too wound up in her bundle of joy, she was far too love-struck to acknowledge any form of life but Caleb.

"Hi..." she muttered, dazed. "Caleb..."

However, she was snapped out of trance when she saw who was with him.

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