Gleaming Eyes

Natalie is my best friend, but no one is perfect. With her mood, even the pigment in her soft grey eyes change. It pulls at me, dragging me down, bringing me up, taking me from a sobbing wreck into fits of giggles and smiles.


1. Grey Eyes

"Morning, Nat." I grinned, as my best friend Natalie Parker came in and sat down next to me on the bench, the gentle breeze blowing her hair out behind her.

"Hi," she replied half-heartedly. Her dark hair contrasted oddly with her deathly-pale skin, two smokey grey eyes above a petite nose. "Did you finish that homework?"

"Yeah," I muttered. "Took a while, mind."

Looking into her eyes, I realised they were still a dull, emotionless grey. Homework was a topic that never excited Natalie - she was more a sporty, dreamer of a girl - really not the type to bother with matters as simple as work after school. She would complete it, sure, just not take much time over it or worry about the quality.

She looked like a blank canvas, desperately awaiting a painter to fill her with life and colour. A lost puppy, awaiting an owner to remove her from the cage, and release her into the world. I was used to her eyes lighting up, a kaleidoscope of colour. Blue, green, amber, pink, even red if she was really angry. Only, no one else seemed to notice this, they just saw her with dull grey eyes. 

And for a moment, so did I.

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