Gleaming Eyes

Natalie is my best friend, but no one is perfect. With her mood, even the pigment in her soft grey eyes change. It pulls at me, dragging me down, bringing me up, taking me from a sobbing wreck into fits of giggles and smiles.


2. Blue Eyes

Her emotions bottled up, there was something Nat wasn't telling me, I was sure. Determined to get to the bottom of this, I asked plainly and openly: "Natalie Parker, what's wrong with you? You're so, quiet..."

She burst into fits of tears, crying into her hoodie. A short "Nothing" was stifled through the white fabric, but she was too upset for it to be "Nothing". 

"No, it's something." I persisted. "What is it?"

She looked up, and I watched as her metallic eyes faded, into a cold, panicked icy blue. Flecks of silver, navy, and about every other shade of blue existing floated around her charcoal pupils. "Caleb," she muttered. "He, left me last night."

I should have known. Caleb meant the world to Natalie, and with him gone she felt like nothing. Thye had been two halves of a whole, and I have to admit even I fancied him a little bit. But with that hazel hair, those navy blue eyes, who couldn't?

I wanted to cry with her, but knew I had to say something encouraging. A split up was messy business, and if I didn't say the right thing, she'd lurch at me too.

"Oh, Nat," I whispered. "You didn't deserve him, the little piece of crap."

"HE WASN'T CRAP!" she whispered loudly, since there were other people in the park.

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