Gleaming Eyes

Natalie is my best friend, but no one is perfect. With her mood, even the pigment in her soft grey eyes change. It pulls at me, dragging me down, bringing me up, taking me from a sobbing wreck into fits of giggles and smiles.


6. Amber Eyes

"Nat," I muttered, walking along the street with her. "Lighten up. Please, I hate to see you so sad."

She remained just as blank and expressionless as before, staring straight ahead. "Look," I grinned. "there are all sorts of advantages to singleness. You can do what you want, without worrying about him, and...hey! You could even break into his house without suspicion, snoop into everything!"

This made her chuckle. And for a second,  I watched her eyes glow amber. A shimmering, smiley, golden hue, deepening to a brown autumnal shad at the edges and around her pupil. This soon faded, but I pressed on.

"Yeah, singleness is the life!" I cheered.

This time, the amber colour remained. "Is 'Singleness' even a word?" she chuckled, and soon we were both in helpless fits of giggles.

Surrounded by a happy, invisible glaze of warmth, nothing could touch us now.

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