Emily Cartillio is a straight A student in her senior year in high school until she meets someone who is supposed to be the love of her life but she finds someone else that she adores a little more


1. Moments

"that hurt Reese!!" I said. " do you think I care!?, even though your my girlfriend you should be used to me hitting and kicking you idiot " "I'm going to elanores house I'll just be spending the night". I almost screamed at him I know hes gonna scream back I have been dating him got the past 3 years the abusive hitting started 2 years ago he threatened to kill elanore If I told anyone. All I know I's that I need elly time. I've known elanore scence I was 3 we've been best friends ever scence. I know her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson is hilarious and very talented. About 3 weeks ago we got him to try out for the x factor and he did he made it to the judges houses! I'm supposed to be meeting his band members today. I've heard that Harry Styles was the biggest flirt out out of all of them "I'm picking you up at 12 tommorow afternoon and be ready for your daily hitting ". Reese screamed as I walked out the door to my car.
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