Emily Cartillio is a straight A student in her senior year in high school until she meets someone who is supposed to be the love of her life but she finds someone else that she adores a little more


9. Chapter 9

                                                      Louis *POV*

what is he going to do with Emily? What did he do to Emily is the real question. i looked at all my mates. Where's zayn? Why isn't he here? He surely isn't sleeping he probably who heard everything. I was now up from the ground so was harry. i suddenly got an idea. I mouthed to harry the word 'Vase' he knew exactly what i meant. How do you know? you ask, well i kinda guessed it when he picked it up and hit Reese at the top of the head with it. and he fell to the ground. Harry and i high fived each other i pushed Liam out of the way of Liam i need to talk to her. we have a different kind of relationship. Like Brother/Sister I've met all of her family and shes met mine.

"Are you ok Em?" i whispered in her hair

"Yeah but i think we should talk.." She said to me thanked all the guys and i lead her up to Eleanor's room.

"What do you need to talk about?" i asked a little worried

"Um, well, you know how he said about-" she tried to say but the noise of cop cars and amulances filled our ears we gave each other a look and went downstairs. When we got out there we saw Reese getting carried out on a guarnii THANK THE LORD!! OH HOW I LONGED FOR THIS DAY SCENCE THE DAY I MET HIM!!! We walked back up the stairs she was tearing up. Why was she tearing up? Did she lke him? She couldn't like him or love him! He wasn't right for her, yet i knew who was, his name has 4 letters in it can you guess? one word Li-am.

"What did you say before?" i asked hoping she was going to tell me what she did before

"Um, uh *coughs* (more like a fake cough.) you know how he said that we had something to do when we get home?"

"Yeah, what was that?" i asked looking her in the eyes

"Well, Lou, i uhh, umm..herapesme" she said the last part really fast, i couldn't even understand what she said

"What did you say?" i asked

'he uh rapesme." she said again WHAT?! WHAT? HE RAPED HER??????!!!!!!!!! oh HOLD MY EARINGS BECAUSE SOMEONE IS GOING DOWN!!!!!!

"Really? He did?" i asked speachless

"Well, not just once, like, um whats the date today?" she asked looking down at her phone and counting on her little fingers

"Well, um , about 6 times..he does it every tuesday.." she said holding back the tears.


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