Emily Cartillio is a straight A student in her senior year in high school until she meets someone who is supposed to be the love of her life but she finds someone else that she adores a little more


8. chapter 8

                                                   *Emily's POV*

we were just talking and i was getting really close to Liam. I REALLY like him. But, i don't want to seem too despret ya know? About an hour later Zayn and Niall and Harry and Louis and El all came home. we all were having a good time and Lou, of course, wanted to play never have i ever.( got that from another hope she doesn't mind..) i've never played it though.But, it sounds fun!

"I'll start! Ummmmm, never have i ever, and i mean ever, touched Emily's bum!" Harry said giving me a smirk

"Really? i thought it wasn't going to be touching!! Its against the rules!" Liam protested. just by the look on his face was to die for, he was absolutely all serious and it was kinda sweet. No one has ever sticked up for me..

"And i met you ummm, well lets see, LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!" I said laughing just then we heard a pound at the door and somebody screaming my name. Resse, oh god i know it was him, i gave El and Lou a scared look. Did i mention that it was a Tuesday, those are the worst, Tuesdays are when he uh um rapes me. I am really getting worried what if he gets me pregnant? I'm only 17! Lou got up to go to open the door but it soon flung open instead Liam pushed be behind him and niall put his hands on my hips so i was completely covered. But before you could say 'Carrots' he yelled

"There you are! Trying to hide from me? You can't hide forever Emily. I can see you"  he said trying to get to me but Lou and Harry were holding him but were both pushed to the ground.

"YOU CAN"T TOUCH HER!" Lou screamed getting up from the ground

"Oh yea? What are you going to do if i do Tomlinson? Tell your little Eleanor to call the police? Ha i'd like to see her try!" he said looking at me and giving me a look

"Hey babe? How are you are you ready to go? Being the great boyfriend that i am, i think it would be best if we left. Oh and don't forget what we have to do when we get home" he said I can't beleive he said that infront of everyone! Why would he do that? Oh yea i know HES A BITCH!

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