Emily Cartillio is a straight A student in her senior year in high school until she meets someone who is supposed to be the love of her life but she finds someone else that she adores a little more


7. chapter 7

                                                *Liam's POV*

i really am getting to like Emily, and i mean i know that Danielle JUST broke up with me like not even an hour ago, but i am ok with it i guess, i mean, i loved Danielle, but when i met Emily, it was a whole nother feeling that i've never felt before. And when i told Emily that we broke up her face was paler than mine.

"You ok emily?" i asked using my hand to lift her chin up that was now looking at the cold hard ground.

"Uhh, well yeah, um but my boyfriend, um hes coming to pick me up.." she said moving my hand from her face. she has a boyfriend? To tell you the truth, i was kinda hoping that she didn't so i could get the chance to ask her out..but i will just have to act natural.

"Oh, well, do you think you can come back later? I would really like to see you again.." i said and blushed why would i say that? She probably thinks i'm a weirdo,creeper guy that fancies her!

"I will try, but he won't be here for another hour so, do you want to watch a movie, i know where all the movies are!" she said nudging me on the arm. Do you think she'd watch toystory? I sure hope so

"What movie?" she yelled from the huge pile of movies on the floor

"Umm, well, what do you want to watch?" i asked trying to play cool and NOT mention toystory, i don't want her knowing that i obsess over it but she probably will find out.

"Can we watch toystory? I havent seen it in sooooo long!!" she asked. or well, do you really need to ask Liam Payne to watch toystory? I THINK NOT!

"Uhh YEAH!!" i screamed and picked her up and ran wth her in my arms to the couch whyy did i just pick her up? Why was she laughing? Did she like me back? No, she has a boyfriend, but when i asked el about him she just rolled her eyes and said he was a well, i can't say because i am mature and i don't cuss.

"You put the movie in?" she asked looking up at me from my lap that she was sitting in

"Yeah just press play" i said at her and gave her a cheeky smile. Why was she acting like this with me did she forget that she has a boyfriend? But i dont really care. If she wants to act this way, let her, because if she has a boyfriend, it probanly wont happen again.

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