Emily Cartillio is a straight A student in her senior year in high school until she meets someone who is supposed to be the love of her life but she finds someone else that she adores a little more


5. chapter 5

after we all ate we all got into Liam's car, he was driving Danielle was in the seat next to him and then Lou sat next to me on my left and me in the middle and Niall on the right and in the back it was El,  Zayn, and Harry. They were all drunk as ever exept for Liam and Danielle and i wasnt to bad either. 

"So, Emily, how long have you been in England?" Liam asked 

"5 YEARS!" lou screamed in my ear. 

"Lou, i'm right next to you you dont need to scream!" i said holding my ear that was now pounding.

"Just answering your question love!" he said and laughed god was he drunk

"Ok, based on Louis answer, 5 years?" Liam asked as Danielle interupted

"She doesn't need to be pounded with questions." she said in a bitchy kind of w

"Oh, sorry Emily" Liam said his face expressionless

"no worries!" i said joking around in an austrailian accent

"What is this?! China?!?" El laughed at her own joke even though she was tottaly wrong.

"I think you mean Austrailia love!" Louis laughed 

"Thats what i said!"  she said laughing with them 

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