Emily Cartillio is a straight A student in her senior year in high school until she meets someone who is supposed to be the love of her life but she finds someone else that she adores a little more


10. Chapter 10

                                                                             Emily's POV

  "H-e h-he what?!! I WILL FUDGING KILL HIM FOR YOU!! I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE!!!!! Are you ok?!" louis asked me with a serious tone in his british accent.

  "Lou, i'm fine..." i said as he looked into my eyes almost as if he was making sure i wasn't lieng through my teeth, like i was, i wasn't ok.  Far from it actually.  I can't help but be scared of every little thing someone does.  Even hugging, just touching me makes me paranoid.

  "Ok, but, i will not let him touch you. Do you understand?" he asked me the same serious expression playing on his face.

  " I get it!" i snapped. I didn't mean to, it was just, im tired of people not understanding what i go through everyday. Don't get me wrong, i am thankful for all the things i have considering, people get beaten worse than i do, it just sickins me to think about it.

  "Lets go then." he said flatly, i think he felt bad for what he said earlier. I nodded my head and walked out just about running into Liam's arms.

  "S-sorry.." he stuttered and walked off to his room, da fuq! we were all coupley' and everything, now hes not even speaking to me? Did i do something wrong? I shrugged it off and walked into the silent room. All eyes on me.

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