Emily Cartillio is a straight A student in her senior year in high school until she meets someone who is supposed to be the love of her life but she finds someone else that she adores a little more


4. authors note <3

so if you didnt notice i havent been really writing new chapters for this one, i have like three of them lol but its like that because i didnt really know how to make it when i made it lol i was a newbie..anyways! i will erase the other ones and keep on going on with this one and yes it is a Niall Horan fanfic..unless you want me to put like a huge change in it i can make it someone elses' comment on who you think and i am having Liam and Danielle break up in the book like they did in real life the only people who have bf and gf are Louis and Eleanore so umm yeaaaaa..... but Danielle and Liam arent broken up yet in the book so just forget i said that.. lol i was kinda thinking of doing imagines so just leave ur name and one of the guys names and i will make one for you 


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