the very sad life I call my own.

Hi there! My name is Taylor. I'm a fourteen year old nerd, and this is my diary. It's going to keep me sane over the next two years! Hopefully. I'm not like most girls. I don't believe in myself, I sing even though I can't, and I've never kissed a boy. Yes, it's a love diary.


1. starting year ten

5th September.

My mum got me this diary. It's pink. I don't like pink. See, we're already learning a lot about each other! I hate pink, I don't like diaries (no offence) and I'm perfectly sane. Well, about as sane as a person who walks around with a highlighter in her hair can be. Stop judging me. I see you! It's not funny. Okay, so, the first day back at school didn't *exactly* go well.

My name is Taylor. Taylor Bellamy. And I'm fourteen, turning fifteen in October. I'm going to be writing quite a lot, since my family are total nut-jobs, my friends are all positively barmy and Dylan, my crush, drives me abso-freaking-lutely insane. But in a good way. With his sparkly eyes, cute accent and incredible sense of humor... Sorry. But he's the adorable type. Not the type of guy who you look at and go "phwoar, he's bangable!" but the type you look at and think "hey, he's first kiss worthy!"

I haven't had one of those yet. 

I've been saving myself for the perfect moment, with the perfect guy...


My thought processes are strange.

First day back at school. Right. 

What happened? Gee. I wonder what happened! I walked in through the gates, new glasses on, and fell. Onto my knees. Excellent start, right? I stood up and walked over to my small group of friends, who greeted me with hugs and "OH MY GOD, YOU LOOK AMAZING!"'s. Such lies. I've never looked amazing. Mediocre at best. Peroxide (but real, not dyed) blonde hair and light green eyes. Relatively tall. Not exactly skinny, but not "fat". Man I hate that word. Bring bring! The bell went. Time to walk around to my form room; a tiny Drama room far away from every other freaking subject. Especially P.E, the other side of the school, which I had two whole hours of I would soon find out. Timetable time! Double P.E, double History and Maths. Well, that's a great day back. 

P.E. What can possibly go wrong for the least sporty girl in school? Everything. Everything that could ever go wrong in a P.E lesson went wrong. I fell over, nearly fainted thanks to the next thing, nearly had my nose broken and pushed one of the popular girls flat on her face. Ha, oopsie. It was going so well, though! Well, to start with. It was netball. I don't do sports. I don't do netball. The only sport I enjoy is Gymnastics, because you have to be graceful or you fall flat on your aunt petunia. Well, turns out, I fall a lot. Something I really should know, having been in P.E lessons for three years beforehand. Well, regular P.E lessons. My primary school was a little, how do you say...? Well, such language would get my mouth washed out with bleach, so I shan't.

History. Actually, I can do History, to an okay standard. So that went okay. And Maths I can do. Well. When there isn't a new seating plan, and it turns out that Dylan is sat across from me, thanks to the fact we both have "A" targets. Wahoo. No, Maths did not go well. Especially since neither of us understood what we were meant to be doing. His reason: he didn't understand. Mine: he was there. Yes, I *really* like Dylan, okay? He's really sweet. And talented. Oh my god, there's nothing he can't do... He can sing, play guitar, piano, drums, he can dance... I can almost hear you laughing at me. Stop it. Right now...

So, I got home and found this... Thing sitting on my pillow. Which means mum was in MY bedroom. When will she learn that I got the cat-flap installed for a reason? So that, if they really need to give me anything and I'm not in, they can just poke it through said cat-flap and it'll be on the floor for when I get home. Except, the number of times I've fallen over books or pens or magazines... Ouch. Oh, and so that Millie can get in and out. She's my cat. A grey little thing, still a kitten. We got her... six weeks ago now. She's adorable! All the nagging payed off. Woo. Just a little side-note. I say "woo" a lot.

I walked over to the desk with my laptop on it and sat on one leg, the other just reaching the floor with the height I had the desk chair at. I sat there for a while, scrolling through my Facebook homepage, looking through all the pages I've liked, and the stupid pictures some of them post. Corrected a few grammar errors, saw who was online, groaned, and slammed the lid down. Yep. I'm such a lovely person.

So now I'm here. And I haven't eaten dinner yet. Actually... I haven't eaten yet! WHAT IS THIS?! Well, now I need food. Uh, bye! 

BY THE WAY. Do expect a lot of fantasies, rants and rages these next two years. ;)

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