the very sad life I call my own.

Hi there! My name is Taylor. I'm a fourteen year old nerd, and this is my diary. It's going to keep me sane over the next two years! Hopefully. I'm not like most girls. I don't believe in myself, I sing even though I can't, and I've never kissed a boy. Yes, it's a love diary.


2. books, books, books.

A/N: The teachers mentioned in this chapter aren't mine, the names are made up, and any likeness/similarities to teachers you know/have/are just happen to be coincidental.

7th September

Mix of a good, bad, awful and alright day... First, I couldn't find my skirt in my room, so I had to wear the one that's a mile above my knees and really short. So, in short, I looked like a slag. And how many times did I get told to pull it down today? Seven. Seven times, I was told to make my skirt "the length that is expected from such a responsible young lady!" and that it made me look "like an embarrassment to the school". And to myself. Oh, my teachers are so nice!-_-

And then, then there was having to suffer through an entire English lesson. Now, don't get me wrong! English is one of my best subjects. But hey, when you've spent an entire lesson hearing to Mr Jones' voice drone on, and on, and on, and on... In the same tone, for an hour, reading a book which I can't remember the name of. But either way, it was boring. It probably would have been quite a good book if Jonesy wasn't reading it, and if I wasn't somewhere else. I think I was thinking about what I was going to get for lunch...

So, the rest of the day was pretty dull. At lunch I went to the library. I'm sort of tight with the librarian, and she lets me go and sit in there at lunchtimes, break and after school. Normally, if it were anyone else, she'd tell them to get a book and get out, or to do something productive like work. But, if we could, we'd sit and chat for hours about books. And not just books either! She's still quite young, only 26 ish I think, so if I ever need to ask her something then I know she'll keep it a secret. She's the only person in that hell-hole that I really trust. So, then I think I had Science. Woo. No, not woo. I don't like science either. For a "nerd", or as we prefer: academically gifted, I really don't like that many lessons. But the whole idea of 
animals mating really doesn't appeal to me. Surprisingly.

I went back to the library after school, since my parents were apparently going out to dinner with my aunt and my sister was staying at a friends house. So, I went into the library, and sat down at the usual desk, to see Miss Estrella-Rose wasn't there. And there wasn't anyone else there, so I picked up a book I'd been meaning to read for a while and started walking around, speaking out the words in my rather awful rendition of an American accent. What happened next will be told from my POV like a story; I think it'll be easier to understand that way.

"Sorry, who's that 'Malorie' again, and why is she crying her eyes out, and why are you walking around?" I genuinely felt my breath hitch in my throat. With a sharp turn, I was facing him, and could feel my cheeks starting to burn with colour. Dylan. Great.
"H-h.. .How long h-h-have you b-een he-re?" I stuttered out, closing the book and standing with it behind my back.
"About ten minutes. I heard you chattering away to yourself and thought I should come see what you were doing. What book's that?"  My throat was dry and I couldn't speak properly, so my words came out very quiet and dry.
"Threadbare hearts... It's about a girl who thinks she's really amazing, until she meets a boy who brings her back down, because he's worse than she is, and she falls for him, but he doesn't fall for her, and-" I said, in what I hoped was a calm voice, but could tell it was rushed.
"Okay, so, we can skip to the part where I didn't ask for a spoiler alert, and I see if I can find it," Dylan chuckled and walked over, getting it from behind my back and looking at the author. I felt his hand brush against mine as he did, and then he'd disappeared. "So, I'll give it a scan tonight, and maybe we'll talk about it tomorrow, yeah?" he grinned and walked backwards towards the door.
"Y-yeah, s...sure," I breathed out and when he disappeared, felt like I was falling from a cloud. Into a big, squishy marshmallow. Covered in chocolate. yeah. That's how it went down.

Then, when I got home, there was a note on the fridge. It read "Dear Tay. Gone to dinner, Ellie's at Maisie's house, we should be home before eleven. If not, go to bed and we'll see you in the morning. Food in the oven, don't pig out on sweets and don't throw any parties! And if I find that there's been a boy here, you'll be grounded. Love you! -M + D x" embarrassing. So, I'm not allowed to eat sweets, I'm not allowed anyone round and I can't talk to Dyl. How fun. Looks like I'll be spending my evening jumping around to my music, then. By the way, I'm writing this as I think it. I'm in my room, and ooh! PHONE CALL. 

*and now that's over*

Well, I've got a long evening ahead of me, full of typing and texting, rocking out and dancing. Woo. 

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