Forever Young

When 19 year old Hanna goes to a One Direction concert, she never expected that she would go to meet THE Harry Styles. Her world gets turned upside when Harry starts to fall for her. Who else does too..?


13. The Fair


I woke up cuddled next to Casey. It turned out I had the wrong number and she had been all upset about me.

I was going to take her back to the cabin with the boys and Hanna today.

"Morning" i said when she opened her eyes. She was gorgeous.

She smiled. "We are going to head up to the lake house this afternoon to go see everyone if thats ok with you babe" I asked her.

"Sure! ll have to go get ready though" Said said and got up to go and get ready. Shes perfect.


Well Niall and Harry are back on speaking terms again, but i still think Harry is still pissed at what he did. And so am I. But im glad not everyone is mad at eachother anymore.

"Hey babe what do you want to do today? There is a fair going on. Want to go?" Harry said with a smile

"Sure, let me go get ready!" I got out of bed and threw on my blue skinny jeans and a white top.

When we got to the fair i was so excited. I have never been to a fair before. Me and Harry went on everything from the rollercoaster, to the ferris wheel. I had the time of my life. Harry kissed me on the top of the ferris wheel. It was so romantic.

When we were finally done with all the ride we all met back up and decided to leave. While in the car i got a call from an unknown number.


"Hello is this Hanna Reid?"

"Yes..who is this?" "This is Savanah from the West Los Angles Hospital. You friends Zayn and Casey seemed to have gotten into a accident. Zayn said to call you."

My heart stopped. I couldnt believe this. Were they on their way up to see us?!

"Oh-Ok we wil be right there"

"Whats wrong babe?" Liam asked

"Zayn and Casey...they got in an accident. We need to get to the hospital.NOW." I said in tears.

Everyone else in the car started to get scared to and we headed off as fast as we could to the hospital.

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