Forever Young

When 19 year old Hanna goes to a One Direction concert, she never expected that she would go to meet THE Harry Styles. Her world gets turned upside when Harry starts to fall for her. Who else does too..?


5. The Date


After Niall left, I had no idea what was going on. But i decided to ignore it and get ready.

I started to do my makeup, but  I tried to do it light and natrual. (As Harry likes it )

I started to curl my hair and by the time i was done it was 6:45. Then my phone started going off.

"Hey i'm about to leave babe:) See you in a few minutes :) X"

He's almost here! I started to get nervous. No. Calm down Hanna. Its ok. Be cool.

I heard a knock on the door. Harrys here! I started walking to the door and opened it to see Harry standing there looking cuter than yesterday. (If thats even possible)

He was wearing a blue blazier and black skinny jeans with white converse. He looked amazing. I hope im dressed ok..


Wow. She looks amazing. I dont look near as good as her.

"Wow. You look beautiful" I said and grabbed her hand "Come on, lets get going"

Once we finally got there she was surprized. I rent out the whole restaurant just for us.


Wow. This is amazing! He rented out the whole place!

"Harry this is amazing!" I said.

"Haha i know babe this was just for you" And smiled. His smile is just perfect.

I know this is only our first date, but Harry means so much to me. I have only known him for 2 days but i feel like ive known him forever.

Me and Harry just sat and talked. For hours. We ate, and then kept talking afterwards. He's the easiest guy to talk to ever. That made me think about Josh again...

No. I thought. You are not going to let that asshole ruin this perfect date. I started to get tears in my eyes. As hard as i was trying not to cry, it came out anyway.

"Love whats wrong?!" Harry said. He seemed worried.

I couldnt speak. I just sat there in tears. I didnt know how to tell him. It was so hard to even say his name.

"Come on. Lets go home" He said and stood up and wrapped his arms around me. we walked out to the car and I started crying even harder. I knew he wanted to know, but i just couldnt tell him here.

When we got back to Harrys we sat down. I knew i was going to have to tell him.

"Whats the matter!? Please tell me Hanna. Your scaring me" and gave me a hug.

It all came flooding back.



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