Forever Young

When 19 year old Hanna goes to a One Direction concert, she never expected that she would go to meet THE Harry Styles. Her world gets turned upside when Harry starts to fall for her. Who else does too..?


1. Surprize!


When I woke up on the morning of my 19th birthday, I wasn't realy expecting anything. Ever sense my dad died, money has been really tight around here and i have been living with my mom ever sense then. So as soon as my alarm went off, I got right out of bed. I went in my closet and threw on my white skinny jeans and my green cardigan and started to head downstairs. My brother stopped me before i could.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!" My older brother Max screamed and gave me a big hug. Max kind of filled in as the dad in the family after he passed away. "Haha thank you" i said and smiled.

"Well mom is waiting for you downstairs with breakfast and she has a surprize for you! So hurry up!"

I started walking downstairs not even to know what to expect. Proably just a card or something small. But i really didn't mind, i knew how things were around here.

"Good morning honey! Happy 19th!" My mom said and ran to hug me.

"Thanks mom" "Ok well before I give you your breafast I have a surprize for you." she said and ran to get an envolpe from the counter.

 I grabbed it out of her hand and smiled. As i started to open it i noticed there wasn't a card inside. instead I saw two little slips of paper at the bottom. I pulled them out and looked at them. I had to read them over and over before i could accept that they were mine. They were One Direction tickets!

My mom knew how much I loved them and I was so excited, but these were in the 5th row. How on earth did she pay for these? I gave her a puzzled look.

"Thank you soo much, but how did you get them?" I asked "Well its only an hour away and you uncle is working on the set with them, so he got me a deal!"

Wow. I never thought in a million years that I would ever be going to see One Direction. I don't think it can get any better then this.

I thanked her again and ran upstairs to call my best friend Casey. Because she was going with me.


"CASEY. GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE NOW."  I screamed into the phone.


"Are you serious" She asked. "OFCOURSE.I WOULD NEVER JOKE ABOUT THIS!" and hung up because i knew she was probably half way here by now.

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