Forever Young

When 19 year old Hanna goes to a One Direction concert, she never expected that she would go to meet THE Harry Styles. Her world gets turned upside when Harry starts to fall for her. Who else does too..?


8. Oh Niall..


I whispered to Harry, "Be right back." He smiled and nodded.

I followed Niall out of the room.

"Whats going on Niall!?" I said when we got in the room and closed the door.

"..What do you mean.." "Niall. You know what i mean. You have been acting all weird around me this whole time and you will only talk to me if Harry's not around a-

He interruped me with a kiss. I didnt know how to react. I sat there for a moment but then quickly pulled away.


"I..I'm sorry..i shouldnt have done that..i-im really sorry Hanna.. I just really like you, alot. I can't stand to see you with Harry. It kills me." he said looking right into my eyes comming closer to me.

I backed away. "I-Im sorry Niall but im with Harry. Im sorry you feel this way but i cant do this to Harry. He likes me alot and-

"But i like you more then him" Niall interruped and grabbed my hand. I quickly pulled away.

"No Niall. Im sorry. But i just cant."

"Ok. If thats how you feel.. but i will always be here for you no matter what." he said looking like he was about to cry.

I gave Niall a hug and walked out of the room.

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