Forever Young

When 19 year old Hanna goes to a One Direction concert, she never expected that she would go to meet THE Harry Styles. Her world gets turned upside when Harry starts to fall for her. Who else does too..?


17. Harry.


"Yeah shes starting to wake up" i heard a voice say.

"Harry?" i said. Then i saw him standing there and i realized where i was. I was in a hospital. The doctor was in here to.

"Yes Hanna your head got hit pretty hard but luckly you wont suffer from any memory loss or brain damage.

Wow. I remember it all now with Josh...his name..

"Harry-how did you.. i trailled off

"Me and the boys came home to surprize you because we were comming home early, and i saw this naked man over your body. He was about to kill you." I saw a tear roll down his cheek.

"Im ok Harry. Im with you now" I kissed him. This was one of the strongest, most passinate kisses that ive ever had, and it was amazing.

"Josh is in jail and getting prosacuted. That bastard isnt going to be living anymore to hurt. I promise" He said hugging me.

"I love you so much Hanna"

"I love you too Harry"

"Now come on Hanna, lets get you out of here and back home!"

When we got back it was so nice to be home. Knowing that im safe. Safe with Harry.

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