Forever changed

A girl named Anna but referred to as Valerie has an hectic life she goes through so much trouble and pain but she meets this guy a special guy ( that you'll have to read to find out who.) and things start to finally feel right but are they really ?


3. What's his name ?

Whats his name?! whats his name... I woke up took a shower I had already had my clothes laid out it was a cut union jack shirt that shows my belly button and my left shoulder, cut jean shorts and black heels. I ran outside of my house surprised to see the boy "WHATS YOUR NAME?" i say immediately. "We're going to be late for school." "I'm Liam ." " i thought you knew that." he said still smiling."Nope. you never told me." He laughed at his silly mistake even though i dont think it was one ... Maybe he wanted me to think about him. We walked to school it seemed like Liam was quite the popular guy, he waved and smiled at many people laughing and giggling. We arrive at school all eyes are on Liam and I , as Liam puts his arm around me it seems as girls were feeled with jealousy and envy as they stared at me and as if every guy wanted me because i was on Liam's arm. The question was , who was Liam i hadnt even known him for a day. Who was he who would he be in my future .. my day was off to a good start noone dared to look down at me .. What did they think  about me ? Did they think i was Liams girl? or was i just a silly American girl who would fall for anything? Through the whole day my head filled with questions , but i guess i wouldnt know the answer until i asked .. So here goes day one.

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