Forever changed

A girl named Anna but referred to as Valerie has an hectic life she goes through so much trouble and pain but she meets this guy a special guy ( that you'll have to read to find out who.) and things start to finally feel right but are they really ?


4. Hello class

I walked into the office Liam had been waiting for me to introduce me to his friends "Hey, girl im loving your heels ." a girl said. "My names Kaitlynn."she smiled. I didnt know her but i knew she was one of the most popular girls in school.'"Hello im valerie ." "Oh your liams new american girl,"she said feisty like.I looked at her with question what did she mean his 'new' American girl."we're just friends."I say.The girl looked at me and laughed"sure,"she says sarcastically.She looks me up and down and walks away.Uck! had i made enemies already. Her words ran through my mind why had she been so rough . Had she a love for Liam? A hate possibly? I walk into class, " Hello, class this is Valerie." The male math teacher said . "Hi" i said awkwardly. "Take a seat,"he says. I went and sat down at the only empty seat in class . I sit next to a boy with black hair and a gentle smile. "Hi, im Zayn, nice to meet you babe."he smirked. "I'll show you around school if you'd like that." I knew every guy in London said babe but there something about the way he said it. The bell rung i grabbed my stuff and Zayn waits for me. "so your an American girl , eh?"he smiled. "Yeah, Im from Louisiana, but i lived in Texas."I blushed as he looked at me. "How come you have no southern accent?" He sticks his tongue and bites it."Trust me i do its not deep but its there." he stares at me."well lets hear some."he says. "You just have to listen i guarantee youll hear it ." I say firmly. He laughs and i wondering why until i repeat what i just said in mind and . I put my hands to my face blushing badly of embarrassment. He grabbed my arm away from my face looked me in my eyes and then kissed me . My mind went blank I completely forgot about Liam and everything else.

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