Forever changed

A girl named Anna but referred to as Valerie has an hectic life she goes through so much trouble and pain but she meets this guy a special guy ( that you'll have to read to find out who.) and things start to finally feel right but are they really ?


2. Actions of Surprise

I get off the plane not surprised that it's cold I oddly adjust to the temperature like I'd been here before. I turn on my cellphone warming up to wanting to text my boyfriend . I read an unclear message like 'we need to talk'. "hey , I'm sorry I didn't answer but something hectic happened , daddy's gone ." frowning as I sent the message ."we're over ." he texts. "what do you mean daddy's gone , you play so many games do you think I'm stupid !", he cracks. " what? What's wrong with you?!." I message back . " this is whats wrong you , you stood me up past three dates to take care of your 'friend' do you think I'm dumb , oh and now your dads dead , you killing of your family members too .... Yeah you're a keeper Goodbye Anna."

She read in shock she figured to message back but it was to late something was pulling her back anyways she knew it was over because he'd never call her Anna always Val .

I'm sure we're over because of that ... Tears rushed from my face and I just couldn't concentrate , my life was falling in to 1,000,000 little pieces, I know I'm too young to say my life is over but I felt lost and not able to be found .. It starting raining I ran as fast as I could I bumped into a lad face he screamed "ow!" jokingly ."sorry." I squealed whimpering. His loose smile fell he questioned me, " what's wrong babe? ", the handsome boy gave me his coat and walked me across to an local coffee shop . I calmed down my face still red . He really wanted to know so I told him even though I really didn't want to . " my dad died and my boyfriend just doesn't understand so he Brooke up with me ." he grabbed my hand and smiled. which made me feel me feel a little better considering I didn't even know this boy and he'd cared. " well he's an idiot !" he smiled " God as a plan for everything you know ." he said . That made me smile because I'm sure this boy is probably in it . "what's your name love?", he said as he walked me to my new home. " Anna but you can call me Val ", I say. We reach the apartment and I say thank you , he smiles . He turns to walk away "WAIT! " I called . "Hug" I say shyly. He laughs " of course"."bye" I say as he walks away .

... But I forgot one thing ... What's his name . I thought about the brown haired boy and his kind eyes, how sweet he was , how he'd cared and mostly his smile how he'd smile always. How he made me smile..
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