Forever changed

A girl named Anna but referred to as Valerie has an hectic life she goes through so much trouble and pain but she meets this guy a special guy ( that you'll have to read to find out who.) and things start to finally feel right but are they really ?


1. Blackout

It was August 19,2011 the cops were out side everything happened so quickly . I was in tears he was gone my best friend , my guardian, my dad had died. I had blacked out being forced to move from Texas to London and I had no knowledge of what had just happened . A man with a pale face and blue eyes grabbed my arm as if I were a criminal and threw me in the back seat. He said he'd explain everything or at least try. I was being put in a protection program being sent to live with my grandma but "grandma" had died five years ago. I look everything I was holding in my hands a necklace my dad gave me I had treasured it ever since I was little , a ring from my boyfriend who was blowing my phone up with calls and text messages and best of all a photo of my mom,dad , and I . My mother left us when I was young, I should be mean or bitter towards her but im not at all .. I miss her and love her but I always questioned if I was the reason she left or even why ...
I'm drawn back to life as the officer opens a door he asked me my name "Anna but I liked to be called Vallerie", I say. "how old are you ." he says looking concerned . "16" I say. He looks sadden at me " everything is going to be okay" he says . I am pointed through many rooms down the long hall way to the very last door I go to a room that says 'time for change' it hits me , I felt offended but then I thought maybe this is a message from God . I sit down uncomfortably . The stylist grabs my hair and says " we are trying to make you unnoticeable but you're going to London the style is different there ." she says . She lightens my brown hair , it looked good on me . I looked amazed in the mirror with loose curls, I have always been shy to look pretty because I never felt I was . " you've always had it honey ." the stylist says . She took me to this closet full of clothes, it was paradise ."you're no fashion queen ." she says. Her words insult me but I knew I wasn't . " so I'll fix you up , let's give you boom." The lady stuffed the luggage bag with glamorous clothing things I have always wanted but never had . She gave me to bags and squeezed the life out of me. Before I left she insisted I grab one more outfit other than the one I was wearing . Black stilettos and a tiger tank top that shows my stomach with a black leather jacket and waist jean shorts . I felt beautiful..l felt truely like me . I grabbed my passport she handed me and got on the plane to London .
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