old friends,new relationships

This is my first fanfic so please give me suggestions if you have any.
Lizzie jones is just your normal average girl who lives in Mullingar,Ireland. She has a best friend for life (or so she thought) and everything is fine. Until one day her Best friend moves away and breaks her heart. She cry's for months until she swears to herself that she will forget about Him and never remember Niall again.
6 years later she has moved on and forgot about him completely,but what happens when one day they meet again for the first time in 6 years. will she remember him?
or will she forgive him?


18. the park


Lizzie's pov


Big surprise they brought me to a club, but this time it was totally different as I walked through everyone Yelled surprise I saw the lads and is that T-Taylor freakin swift,Olly Murs, And so many more famous people. I turn to Alex  "Did you do this?" I ask  "Actually no Niall did." she replied  " I better go say thank you did you see where he went?" I ask she points to the stage.  I walk to the stage and he is nowhere to be found so I look backstage where I see Niall kissing MADDIE!! How could he tears were pouring out I my eyes as I ran I bumped into Liam on the way out of the club Liam was now running after me calling my name but I didn't stop as I ran to Central park I found a bench and just collapsed I was a mess I was sweaty and crying. I feel a hand on my shoulder I shrug it of  "Get away Liam I don't want to talk to you." I said "well I would leave but my name isn't Liam so." I turn to look at him  "Why did you come don't you have a girlfriend to get to." I said hurt  "I am sorry but I love her Liz and if that bothers you I will break up with her again." he said  " No I could never live with myself if that happened, but i guess i will have to move out again and not talk to you ever again." I said  "Well i actually talked to Maddie and i explained if she wants to be with me she has to accept that you are my best friend and i am not going to let her get in the way of that this time." Niall responded  "Thank you." I whispered loud enough that Niall heard "No problem Lizzie i want to give you my present."He said excitedly    Just then Niall pulled out a wrapped small box as i opened it my mouth dropped. In the box was a locket inside of the locket was a picture of Niall and me. It was when we went to six flags Niall was giving me a piggy back int he picture and you could see both of our scars from that fight we were in.  "Why did you pick this photo?" I ask  "Well first because we were at six flags and that's one of my favorite memories together and 2nd because this was the only photo i had that you could see the scars we have. I want you whenever you see that photo remember we have each other's backs even if it means getting in a little trouble. Now turn it over." He said I did as I was told and to my surprise the sweetest thing was engraved on it:                              Real Friends are always going to be by your side even when you tell them to go away.   I looked up at Niall and thanked him again and i saw that he had the exact same one as me.  "Can you put it on please." I asked  "of course i can." he replied  "Hey promise you will never take it off okay." Niall said  "I promise." I hugged him again and we decided to go back to the party as we were walking back something major just struck me IN LESS THAN A MONTH NIALL AND ALEX AND LIAM AND ZAYN AND LOUIS WILL ALL BE GONE. I can't live without them. i can't say goodbye not now not ever.
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