old friends,new relationships

This is my first fanfic so please give me suggestions if you have any.
Lizzie jones is just your normal average girl who lives in Mullingar,Ireland. She has a best friend for life (or so she thought) and everything is fine. Until one day her Best friend moves away and breaks her heart. She cry's for months until she swears to herself that she will forget about Him and never remember Niall again.
6 years later she has moved on and forgot about him completely,but what happens when one day they meet again for the first time in 6 years. will she remember him?
or will she forgive him?


56. The lonely

Lizzie's pov

"LIZZIE CALM DOWN." Alex yells at me

I was crying so hard I could hardly breath I couldn't even talk.

"LIZZIE TALK TO US." Liam shouts

They were all worried

"W-were I-is h-he." I barley get out gasping for air each time I said a word

"You need to calm down Lizzie." Liam told me

"I-I c-cant." I shout at him

They probably thought I was crazy

"Why don't you read the note he left it for you." Harry says clearly upset with me

I open it up:

Dear Lizzie,

We have known each other since we were 3 and I think it's finally time to actually say goodbye I know this probably hurts you but trust me it hurts me more I've decided to take a break from performing. I want you to forget about me. No matter how hard I try I will never forget the way you smile or laugh how you flip your hair but I can try. I want you to know that even though you don't feel the same I still and will always love you. I bet your wondering why I left lets just say I didn't want to watch you with him each day and know that your not mine. I didn't want to get in the way of your happiness and if he makes you happy so be it.

Friendships mark a life even deeper than love. While in love you risk obsession but friendship is purely caring for one another. I really did care for you but then I fell in love. I was obsessed with hugging you and watching you smile. I didn't realize the odd feeling I had when I heard you laugh or touched your hand was love until it was too late. Now I can't stay and hold you down. It was as if you were stuck in the sea. The cold waves engulfing you deeper an deeper while you gasp for air that wasn't there. You cant swim back to shore with an anchor tied around your ankle. I'm that anchor and I refuse to help you sink. I hope you find the right guy. Someone who can not only be your best friend but your soul mate. Just know I didn't leave to hurt you, not this time nor before when we were kids.I just had to leave. It's for the best .

Love always,


P.s don't think I didn't look for you

I was crying harder

He came after me and saw Luke and I kissing

This is all my fault all my fault.

"W-what about t-the band." I say calming down a little bit

"There isn't one now." Harry says/yells at me

"I didn't tell him to leave." I say back


I just couldn't take it anymore

"And I will never forgive myself." I whisper

I run to the room we shared

I wish I didn't

When I got there half of the stuff was gone

Niall really did leave.

I just fall to my knees

This was just like when I was 12 and I took out everything that reminded me of Niall.

I look around at the empty walls and that's where I see some thing on the bed

I get up and approach the objects

One tear streams down my face

He left the picture of him giving me a piggyback ride the picture was taken the day after we got into that fight in the club. This was his favorite picture of us

One of my tears lands on the picture frame

The next thing he left was his best friend necklace

I put it around my neck

And the third thing he left was a nicely wrapped box with a card

I open the card

It was for my birthday in the card he wrote

Happy birthday Lizzie . I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your party. I promise that I will make it up to you.

I took the present and put it on a high shelf.

I'm never going to open it.

I hear a knock

"Go away." I tell the person behind the door

Liam still comes in

"I said go away." I said

"Lizzie I know you probably feel horrible but think about what Niall had to go through when you left out of the blue at least you knew the reason." He told me

"Everyone hates me now." I say

"Well you kinda broke the band up." He tells me

"Just leave." I say

He gets up and goes

I have never been so lonely in my whole in tire life
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