old friends,new relationships

This is my first fanfic so please give me suggestions if you have any.
Lizzie jones is just your normal average girl who lives in Mullingar,Ireland. She has a best friend for life (or so she thought) and everything is fine. Until one day her Best friend moves away and breaks her heart. She cry's for months until she swears to herself that she will forget about Him and never remember Niall again.
6 years later she has moved on and forgot about him completely,but what happens when one day they meet again for the first time in 6 years. will she remember him?
or will she forgive him?


19. saying goodbyes are the hardest

*sorry this chapter is not very long but i probably will update a lot in the next 2 days and exciting news only 6 more chapters including till the Niall and Lizzie find out they are best friends and then there will be drama*


Lizzie's pov

It has been a great summer for me a few bumps here and there but all together it was great the boys and Alex only have 2 more days here and tomorrow they have to spend the whole day packing so tonight is goodbye for a long time and I don't know if I can handle it. We are going to have a campfire in the woods where we will sing songs and roast marsh mellows and just reminisce about all of our old memories we had. 

We finally get there at 8 so we don't have to wait for the sun to go down. The fire is already set up with zayn's and liam's help. Louis and harry bring the food and the rest of us find spots to sit and sing

Niall brings out his guitar and we start to sing I gotta feeling and stereo hearts. One of the last songs we sing is Live while we're young acoustic version and What makes you Beautiful. Then we get our roasting on. Louis's marsh mellow of course catches on fire and he starts to freak out.Liam calms him dow when the rest of us are laughing hysterically. We settle down and talk about the summer and old memories. 

"I remember when we first met."Niall says 

"Oh please don't tell it. It is so embarrassing." I say turning red 

"well i have to that story is what started a strong love and the strongest friendship." He replies to me

"Okay if you put it that way go ahead." I say giving up

As Niall continues to tell the story when he saved me from drowning i just smile as everyone else is laughing. We continue telling stories about when we all got drunk and did crazy things like when i had to get stitches for running into that sign. Or when Niall and I went to six flags or when I got into the fight at the club and finally my birthday party. At the end of the night we were all high with laughter and now it was time to pack up and say goodbye. 

I started with my hugs Louis was the first one and I already started to cry."I am going to miss you so much." I whispered in his ear 

next one was Zayn then Harry then Alex i started to sob more when i got to her  our hug lasted more than any of the others,but we finally had to let go. 

Then Last but not least I got to Niall he was crying too. I retched up to my neck and touched my necklace he gave me. I couldn't say goodbye to him. I promised i would never say goodbye.I was balling like a maniac now. I took one step forward and ran straight out of the woods and got to the van the boys drove here and hopped in. I sat curled up in a ball crying on the floor of the car. I heard the door open then the gentle slam of it closing. I felt to strong arms wrap around me and I knew who it was I knew the scent from anywhere. 

"Leave me alone." I said in between sobs 

"Hey its going to alright." Niall said 

I sat up and stared at him for the longest time 

"You can say that because your friends are going with you and all my friends are leaving I have no one i am going to be all lonely." I yelled at him 

"It's not easy for me i may have my friends coming with me but I have to leave my best friend behind because her dream is more important to me than coming with me." he yelled right back

I stopped and thought for a while and just looked a him confused. 

"What do you mean." I said softly and a little shakey

"Well i wanted you to come with me really badly so this wouldn't happen but i could ask you to come because you always told me you moved to New York to  go to school and see the whole country and i don't want to stand in the way of your dream. I just could never forgive myself if i did that to you." he said 

"You should have asked me first. i would have said yes in a heart beat." I said

"Well the offer is till up." He said 

"Really?" I asked 

"ya why not. Will you lizzie please go on tour with us." he told me 

"YES YES YES!!" I screamed at him and gave him a huge huge

world tour here i come 

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