old friends,new relationships

This is my first fanfic so please give me suggestions if you have any.
Lizzie jones is just your normal average girl who lives in Mullingar,Ireland. She has a best friend for life (or so she thought) and everything is fine. Until one day her Best friend moves away and breaks her heart. She cry's for months until she swears to herself that she will forget about Him and never remember Niall again.
6 years later she has moved on and forgot about him completely,but what happens when one day they meet again for the first time in 6 years. will she remember him?
or will she forgive him?


5. getting to know each other

Harry's Pov 

I couldn't take my eyes off her the way she talked the way she smiled, well basically everything about her was beautiful even her name Cindy. "hey um do u maybe wanna spend the day together" I ask nervously hoping she will say yes." Um ya sure that would be great!" This is going to be one interesting day.

Lizzie's Pov 

We spend 2 more hours at the beach and i have to admit i didn't think i would have any fun but i did i actually didn't want to say goodbye. Cindy and I met the rest of the lads who were very nice and played a little bit of sand volleyball with them until it was 6 o'clock and thought it was time to head on home. We had said our goodbyes and I think i saw harry slip Cindy his number too i am so happy for her! Cindy and I got home and boy were we exhausted. After i got changed in some sweats and put my hair in a messy bun i go to the kitchen to see what the plans are for dinner. To my surprise cindy is still in her beach clothes and has reapplied her makeup."were are you going" I ask her "Oh i knew i forgot to tell you something we are going to the boys place for a little while" she says i just stare at her for a little while hoping after a while that she would just go without me but to my luck she dosen't and i am forced to change out of my comfy sweats. In a few minutes we are out the door and on our way.

we finally get there and knock on the door. After a few minutes the door swings open to see a smiley Harry. we walk in and take a seat by the others in the living room were they are stuffing there faces with crisps. "Hey" they all say in unison which makes me chuckle a little. "hi,what are we going to do tonight" i ask "LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE OR 20 QUESTIONS" louis screams across the room "I'll play 20 questions" i suggest and everyone else agrees. "harry why don't you start it off" Liam suggests "okay were are you from?" " "I am originally from Yorkshire" cindy answers "Mullingar Ireland" I say "that is were i am from" Niall says "I GET NEXT QUESTION" lou screams. " are you a virgin" harry:no Niall:no Me:no Cindy:no Zayn:no Louis:no Liam:no 

we play for another hour until we finally all get on the couch me on the end by Niall and Cindy inbetween Zayn and Harry. We start to watch The Hangover but in the middle of the movie I started to dose off a little the next thing i know i'm asleep.

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