old friends,new relationships

This is my first fanfic so please give me suggestions if you have any.
Lizzie jones is just your normal average girl who lives in Mullingar,Ireland. She has a best friend for life (or so she thought) and everything is fine. Until one day her Best friend moves away and breaks her heart. She cry's for months until she swears to herself that she will forget about Him and never remember Niall again.
6 years later she has moved on and forgot about him completely,but what happens when one day they meet again for the first time in 6 years. will she remember him?
or will she forgive him?


32. coffee

I looked up and saw Alex staring at me. "Lizzie is that really you." She asked "ya I am really here I heard about Liam and I needed to see him." I said. Tears where streaming down her face. "I really missed you Niall told me why you left." She said "I missed you so much congrats on being Mrs. Styles." I said. "Thanks do you wanna grab a coffee and catch up." She asked "wait your not furious with me?" I asked suprisingly "well when I first met you I remember that you were so hurt that he had done that to you and I was so jealous everyday that I wasn't Niall even though you hated him I could still see the pain inside your eyes and that deep down he was still and would always be your best friend. So when we meet Harry and Niall that day I knew he was your Niall I didn't forget I knew the entire time so after all the pain you have been through how could I possibly be mad at you." She stated a huge smile appeared on my face "actually I would love to have a coffee and catch up." I said 

"So how's life as a married women." I asked "Not as magical as you may think." She replied "Why is there any trouble in paradise." I questioned "Well no me and Harry have not been in a fight yet its just that when your married you wanna live on your own but i guess harry doesn't get that because I still have to share a flat with everyone else." She responded "So how is Niall." I squeaked out. For a moment Alex laughed "He is.....well to be 100% honest he is very upset with life right now and he needs a friend not just any friend a best friend but that was taken away from him." Alex stated I started to cry. "When was Liam diagnosed with cancer." I asked "a month after you left, Niall was in full shock and depression for a very long time he felt alone, He had now where to go to no one to lean on." Alex said "Should I see him?" I questioned "Liz if you do see him i mean it took you like 8 years to forgive him, you cant just expect him to be all smiles and rainbows." Alex answered My head turned to the ground that was the answer i didn't want to hear. "Does he have a girlfriend." My voice cracked when i said this. "Well he got back with Maddie for a short while then a girl named katie.then there was a emma,kate,christine,lauren,lily,taylor,Mckenna,katrina,sydney,grace,Molly,mia,and may." Alex said all in one breath. "Wow when did Niall become Harry." I asked "Liz you just don't get it do you." Alex practically shouted at me."You hurt him so much he blamed himself so much that he hates his life and then he found out his best friend that helped him through all of that is now in the hospital dying he told me that he lost his best friend already now the one that stayed his leaving too. His life is so crappy right now and your worried that he won't forgive you. The worst part is that he brought girl after girl home with him every night and let them stay for breakfast and introduce them then never call them finally I confronted him and asked him why he was doing this because it's not the Niall i know do you know what he told me he said that he brought all those girls home because he can get every girl but the one girl he is missing is a Lizzie. He never brought home a Lizzie ever because he is still waiting for you he loves you liz." Alex told me. By now i was balling how could i be so blind. I got up fro the table "Sorry Alex but i have to go." I said. I went to our spot Niall and I's spot it was behind a ally way there was an opening to a beautiful park we never told the others. It was our place, I went and sat down on a bench and cried. 

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