Love. Does it really exist?


1. Dreams.

I felt the warm breeze blow my hair towards my best friend, Jeremy Young. We sat on a mahogany bench enjoying the view of a very capacious hotel. It appeared to be aged, but many people say that John Smith's spirits still lurk around to this day. He had committed suicide, supposedly, because his ex-wife had cheated on him. Anyways, not many people believe in this saga, including Jeremy and I. Tourists, however, have heard this rumor, but enjoy gazing at the hotel. Just by looking at it, you could tell that something very interesting and legendary had happened here. You could just imagine it as a: romantic place to go on a date, interesting place to explore ( that is if you're brave enough), haunted houses...
" Oh my gosh. I totally forgot that Halloween is just three weeks from now", I smiled.
" What are you so excited about? You don't celebrate it", he teased.
" Well, this year I'm gonna be seventeen. And my mom said that she wouldn't care if I celebrated it or not. As long as I don't do anything I'll regret".
" Ahh. She knew you'd be going to a party?"
I nodded. " You know it".
" You got invited?"
I frowned unsure of what to say.
He looked at me, and I could tell he was reading my mind. " Oh", he barely whispered.
I got up and strolled towards my house. I could tell he had gotten up to walk after me, but I didn't turn around. I wasn't that upset, being that Christina Jones never liked me nor will she ever. Christina is a popular girl, who always enjoyed throwing parties, flirting with guys, stealing friends, and ruining particularly my life. Honestly, no matter how annoying she might be, I enjoy going to school everyday.
" Are you alright?"
" I'm fine. You know that I don't care what Christina does".
" And that's what I like about you", he smiled at me.
" That's it", I laughed.
He pretended to think about it. " Pretty much. Jane Benson you are one lucky girl to have me in your life".
I shook my head. " I'm pretty sure it's the other way around".
As we argued about who the luckiest, I was reminiscing about all the times we had together. I laughed out loud.
" Why are you so jovial?"
" I was just thinking about the first time we met. That was seriously insane".
Jeremy and I had united when Christina had broke all of my crayons, in the first grade. I cried for two hours straight. Jeremy had walked over to me, gave me a hug, and then he handed me his pink marker. To this day I still have the marker and I vowed to him, that I would never throw it out. It was way funnier than it seemed, at the time. We always like to have a laugh about this.
He put his arm around my shoulder as we arrived at my house.
" Well, I'll see you later", I asked.
" Yea. I'll be here to... wanna watch a movie later?"
" Sure, but I'm picking it out. You're too violent".
" Not a chick-flick".
" I find that term very offensive, but you no I won't pick that".
" Yeah, you're not even close to being a girl".
" Bye", I said taking out my keys.
" Peace", he grinned, givin me one of those cheek-to-cheek kisses. I watched as he walked away.

Jeremy smiled that cute smile of his and looked at me. " Good choice in movies".
" I know. I'm awesome aren't I?"
" Very", he pulled my chin up to his lips and kissed me excitedly. I pushed him away and bit my lip, confusingly.
I kept hearing the stupid neighbor knocking on the door, but I leaned over to kiss him back. This time, he pushed me away. " Will you just get the freaking door"?!
I frowned at him.

" Get off your lazy as-", my older brother, Jack, yelled into my ear.
" I get it", I yelled back. I was so freaked out about my dream. Why did I even go back to-.

I opened the door and saw Jeremy. " I brought snacks", he smiled holding up two enormous bags.
" What's in there", I asked.
" Well, I know you hate popcorn so, I got you fruit snacks, Doritos....", he went on and on, until I finally cut him off.
" Sorry, but I think I came down with something", I faked a cough.
" Why are you lying to me", he asked confusingly.
" I'm not".
" I can take 'care' of you if you're so sick", he teased.
" Bye", I slammed the door in his face.
I sighed and ran upstairs to think this through. I know I'm probably overreacting, but In all the time that I've known Jeremy, I've never. Not once, had a dream about like that about him.
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