Words Will Be Just Words

Essence Simmons is just a regular 18 year old girl. Its just her luck though, when her mom gets married to her worst enemies father. But what happens when she meets the love of her life, Harry Styles? Things start to get complicated when someone else falls in love with her too. Nothing ever goes right with her but can she make everything right without hurting the people she loves?


4. The Wedding

I have never really had a close relationship with my mom so when she called to invite me to her wedding, I was totally shocked. I still can not believe I even said yes. I mean I love her and all but I have never really been able to open up and talk to her about things. Ever since dad left, mom has never been the same so I am glad she has finally found someone that makes her happy. No matter who it is. I woke up at around 11:00 a.m. so I had a couple of hours to get ready for the wedding. I decided to first take a shower and freshen up. I peeled off my pajamas and turned on the hot water. I got into the shower and stood under the hot water, relaxing me. I took my sweet time and slowly scrubbed my hair and body. Once I was finished rinsing off I hopped out and wrapped a big, fluffy, white towel around myself. After I was dry I out on my undergarments and started blow drying my hair. I decided that for a change I would curl my hair. I finished in less than fifteen minutes and for the final touch I added a white flower clip to my loosely curled hair. I smiled at myself in the mirror and started my make up. I put on eyeliner, mascara and finally some silver eyeshadow, perfect. I slipped on my turquoise bridesmaid dress, black stilettos and I grab my black clutch that had my cellphone and wallet in it. I looked at the time, 4:30 p.m. I had a half an hour until the ceremony started. Fashionably late? I think so.

*After the ceremony*

Well it's official, Ashlee is now my step sister. Maybe it won't be so bad, she might not even talk to me. It's probably weird for her too, right? I then decided that it was time we started fresh. I walked right up to her and said, "Ashlee, since we are step sisters and all i think we should try and get along for our parents sake. How about we start over?" I asked her politely. She looked at me and smiled which I took as the answer yes. I smiled back. Then all of a sudden she hit my plate of food with her hand causing all of the contents to spill on my dress. "Never, I mean never call me your stepsister. We will always be enemies so don't ever try and change that. You will always be one slutty, fat bitch," she then stocked off smirking evilly. I was too shocked to react. Instead I felt the tears threatening to spill. No one could see me like this though. So, I walked up to mom and said, "Congrats mom. Thanks for inviting me but I have to go it's already 11:00 p.m. and I have work tomorrow," She nodded and waved me good bye, I guess to drunk to notice all the food in my hair and on my clothes. I walked as fast as I could to my car before the tears started running down my pale cheeks. I sat in the drivers seat and picked up my cell phone. There was only one person I could call. That person was Harry.


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