Words Will Be Just Words

Essence Simmons is just a regular 18 year old girl. Its just her luck though, when her mom gets married to her worst enemies father. But what happens when she meets the love of her life, Harry Styles? Things start to get complicated when someone else falls in love with her too. Nothing ever goes right with her but can she make everything right without hurting the people she loves?


2. Tea Time

The boys lead me into a small quiet tea shop and we then took a seat at a booth. "May I take your orders?" the waitress asked us. "Hmm six cups of Yorkshire tea please," said the striped shirt boy. The waitress then nodded and walked away. "So what's your name love?" i smiled. "My names Essence Simmons," I told them. "Nice to meet you, I am Liam and this is Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry," Liam said. "I know who you are. Your One Direction," I replied. They nodded. "So what happened back at the park?" I asked them. "Well, we were playing a game of football when we kinda-" "We? No, No Harry it was you," Louis interrupted. "Fine! I kinda kicked the ball and it went out of control and hit you in the head. It knocked you unconscious. I am really sorry, I didn't mean to hit you, you were just there-" "Harry! It's OK, no harm done I am fine, really," I said interrupting him. "OK sorry again," he said to me. I nodded. The waitress then came with our tea. I took a sip of my tea like the other boys. "So tell us about yourself Essence," Niall said. "OK well, I am 18 years old and grew up in Holmes Chapel. My dad left us when I was 7 years old and i haven't seen him since. My mom is now getting married tomorrow. One problem though, my worst enemy is going to become my step sister. It won't be so bad because I live in my own apartment and I am going to college. I am really into photography and art. I enjoy trips to the beach but I also like staying home and watching movies. I love food and it almost always seems that I am hungry. Finally, I have a younger sister named Lacie who is 14 years old. I spend most of my time with her at the hospital," I looked at the boys, trying to hold in my tears. "My sister has cancer. She only has two months to live. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford the right medicine and now it's too late," Tears were now rolling down my rosy cheeks. "I, I am so sorry Essence," Louis said. "It's not your fault that this happened but thank you," I said to him. He wiped my tears. "I can show you a picture of her if you would like, she loves One Direction! If she knew I was here right now with you guys, she would freak," I said laughing a little. I put my hand in my right cardigan pocket but my phone wasn't there. "Are you looking for your phone?" Zayn asked. I nodded. "It dropped out of your pocket when you fell, here," Zayn said handing me my phone. I thanked him and started scrolling through my photos. I stop at a photo that caught my eye. Me and Lacie together.

*Harry's POV*

Essence was looking at her phone and smiled. "Here, it's me and Lacie at the hospital together. This was taken last week," I looked at the picture on her phone. It showed Essence with her arm around her sister. They were both smiling but I could tell in Essence's eyes that she was hurting. Her hair was wavy and she had no make up on. She looked absolutely gorgeous. I think I am falling for her, hard. I then focused my attention on the girl beside her. She had the same light brown hair as Essence but put into a high messy bun. I guess she hadn't lost her hair because they couldn't afford the chemo. Maybe I could pay for the right medicine?! Except Essence said that it was to late to help. Lacie had warm hazel eyes and small pink lips that were formed into a smile. "I like this picture. You both look gorgeous," I thought aloud. She looked up and smiled. Except it wasn't a sad smile like in the picture it was a happy, genuine smile. A smile that I absolutely loved.


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