Words Will Be Just Words

Essence Simmons is just a regular 18 year old girl. Its just her luck though, when her mom gets married to her worst enemies father. But what happens when she meets the love of her life, Harry Styles? Things start to get complicated when someone else falls in love with her too. Nothing ever goes right with her but can she make everything right without hurting the people she loves?


16. Moments

*Normal POV*

"Ready babe?" Harry asked me. "Almost," I replied. I had no clue what Harry and I were doing today so I just put on my black super skinny jeans and a long sleeved shirt and jean jacket on. "Let's go," I said as I grabbed my big, black purse. I walked to the door and slipped on my high heeled boots. Harry smiled at me and grabbed my hand. We said our goodbyes and walked out the door. "So, where are we going Styles?" I asked him smirking. He chuckled. "Well, Simmons, I was thinking of stopping by Starbucks since it's just down the block," he replied, mimicking me. I giggled and nodded my head. We continued to walk and the nice cool breeze caused my hair to flow out behind me. I hugged onto Harry's arm and sighed. "This is very relaxing," I stated. "Agreed," he said. A few minutes later and we arrived at Starbucks. "Hi may I take your order and your number?" the guy at the cashier asked me. I frowned and looked at Harry. "Hey back off dude, she's mine!" he said to the guy. "It was worth a try," he said with a shrug. "Anyways what would you like to order?" he asked again. "Two hot chocolates with whipped cream please," Harry mumbled to the guy. The guy nodded. "$5.85," he said quietly. I went into my purse and pulled out my wallet, looking through the money. "No, no babe, a lady doesn't pay, it's on me," Harry told me pulling out the cash from his wallet. "Thank you Harry," I said, kissing him on the cheek. After the guy left to make our hot chocolates I said, "For everything. It was great when you stood up for me a minute ago," "I had to do it Essie, I couldn't let that guy flirt with you when I'm here!" I smiled and couldn't resist but kiss him on the cheek again! A minute later and an older lady handed us our hot chocolate. "Thank you!" Harry and I said in unison. She nodded and disappeared to the back. "I wanna show you something," Harry said grabbing my hand. I smiled and nodded, sipping my hot chocolate. "Where are we going?" you said while giggling. "It's a surprise," he stated and we continued to walk. 10 minutes later and we arrived at the end of a forest. "Harry? A forest, what's so special about a forest?" I asked him curious. He then put his index finger on my lips and quieted me. "Just wait, follow me," he said grabbing my hand again. I nodded my head and we walked into the forest. We continued to walk through the forest and not a minute later I then noticed rose petals on the ground. It was a path that continued under the trees. Every time the wind blew, the colourful leaves from the trees would slowly drift to the ground adding a bit of colour to the red rose petals. "Harry? Why are there-" "Shhhh," he interrupted. I stayed quiet and continued walking taking in the breath taking view of all the beautiful colours. We walked and walked until the rose petals lead to a treehouse. I looked at Harry and he lead me to the treehouse. He climbed up the ladder first and I followed. Once I reached the top I stepped inside the tiny house to see candles everywhere. There was a blanket set out on the floor and a picnic basket was placed on top. It was amazing. Absolutely gorgeous. I gasped and put my hand to my mouth. "This is incredible Harry, breath taking!" I mumbled. He smiled brightly. "How did you find this treehouse?" I asked, walking around. "Well, I would always come here when I was younger. My dad and I made it when I was four. From then on I would always come here, but then I stopped when I was nine. My parents got divorced when I was seven so once I was old enough to know my dad wasn't coming back, I stopped going to this place," he explained. "This place is pretty special. I know how you feel, my parents got divorced when I was nine," A tear rolled down my cheek. "I haven't seen him since, I never really knew why he left and at some point I thought it was me," I said quietly. Harry then pulled me into a hug. "It could never be you," he told me. I smiled. "Let's not worry about our parents now, we are here together and that's all that counts," he said. I nodded my head and smiled. He then lead me to the blanket that was on the floor. We sat down and Harry started pulling out food and pop from the basket for lunch. "It all looks delicious," I stated. "I made it myself," Harry told me. I smiled again and so did he. We then dug into our food, enjoying every single bite.

"That was perfect Harry," I said to him. He smiled. It was around 2:30 p.m. and we were now enjoying a stroll through the park, where we met. He wrapped his arm around me and kissed my forehead. "You look gorgeous today," he stated. I blushed and looked down at my outfit, nothing to special. We continued to walk down the path in the park, enjoying the comforting silence. "Oh my gosh it's Harry Styles," a girl that looked around Lacie's age said. She then came running over followed by her friends. "Can we have your autograph?" One girl asked. "And a picture?" Another asked. "Sure loves! But it has to be quick I am on a date," he said with a smile. They nodded quickly and he started signing their arms and things like that. I stood to the side and waited for Harry to amerce from the crowd of girls. Then all of a sudden I felt someones hands on my waist and was spun around to be faced by some guy with shaggy blonde hair. "Can I help you?" I asked politely. He smirked and nodded, his eyes never leaving my boobs. Then before I could say anything else he started running his hands up and down my body. "Ugh! Stop!" I yelled. But he continued to touch my boobs and butt. I was kicking and hitting him but he wouldn't stop. I tried to call for Harry but the fans were all over him. He then forcefully pushed me into his arms and was about to kiss me when someone shoved him out of the way. The too lads then started to fist fight. I looked closer at the boy who saved me and noticed IT WAS HARRY! He saved me! Tears were streaming down my face as Harry sat on the guys stomach continuously punching the his face. "PLEASE! HARRY, STOP!" I screamed trying to brake them apart. "YOU WILL GET HURT HARRY! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP" I screamed again. But nobody listened or came to help me. The next thing I heard was a crunch before I blacked out. 

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