Words Will Be Just Words

Essence Simmons is just a regular 18 year old girl. Its just her luck though, when her mom gets married to her worst enemies father. But what happens when she meets the love of her life, Harry Styles? Things start to get complicated when someone else falls in love with her too. Nothing ever goes right with her but can she make everything right without hurting the people she loves?


20. Kiss You

*Normal POV*

"Where are we going babe?" I asked Harry as we continued to walk through the park where we met.

"Well, I thought we could spend time where we met," he said. I smiled and nodded. We continued to walk on the dirt path, when suddenly a picnic blanket laid out on the grass was in view.

"Oh my god!" I squealed excitedly. I then ran to the picnic basket and looked around at the scenery. That's when I realized that the picnic blanket was laid out on a slight hill overlooking a lake. The view was gorgeous.

"Harry, this is amazing, you didn't have to do this for me." I told him. He sat down on the picnic blanket beside me. "But I wanted to." He smiled. "You look so beautiful." He then kissed my shoulder lightly. I blushed.

"Thank you Harry," He smiled and started pulling out food. It was quiet.

"Harry?" He looked up at me. "Why me? My family is a mess, my life is a mess, I'm a mess, completely average." "Essie. You are amazing. I can't explain it, I just fell for you. I really care about you, I want to be there for you, I want to be the person you alway turn to." Harry answered.

I blushed and smiled. "Thank you Harry," I whispered.



Hi guys! I know this chapter was super short, but I am finally back and I really want to continue this story because it was the first fanfic I ever wrote. I am writing another Harry Styles fanfic so check that out too! It's called "Deep Affection". Thank you for all the support and I will be updating more, I promise! xx.

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