Words Will Be Just Words

Essence Simmons is just a regular 18 year old girl. Its just her luck though, when her mom gets married to her worst enemies father. But what happens when she meets the love of her life, Harry Styles? Things start to get complicated when someone else falls in love with her too. Nothing ever goes right with her but can she make everything right without hurting the people she loves?


8. Busted

"That was beautiful," an Irish voice said. Uh oh busted! "Oh my god Niall," I said jumping up off of the bed. I then placed the guitar back on to the stand quickly. "Niall, I am so sorry. I just saw the guitar and got caught up," I explained. "Essence, it's OK. You have a beautiful voice. Did you write that song you sung?" he asked amazed. I nodded, smiling. Nobody has heard me sing except Lacie. She has always said I had a great voice but I never believed her. "You have a gorgeous gift," he told me. I blushed and thanked him. "So when did you learn to play the guitar?" he asked curiously. "Well, I taught myself how to play when I was twelve. My family couldn't afford lesson so I was always grateful for music class. I also didn't have my own guitar so I borrowed one from the music room. I practiced everyday after school. I always wanted a guitar but I never got one," I told him. "Wow, that's impressive," he said. I smiled and shrugged. Then the doorbell rang. "We ordered pizza for lunch, want some?" he asked me. I nodded and replied with, "Yes I am starving!" he chuckled and I followed him into the living room where everyone was eating pizza. "Sorry, I got lost," I said while blushing. I then grabbed a plate a put two pieces of pizza on it. I dug in right away. Everyone started talking and I joined in to some conversations. Then my phone went off.

Phone Conversation:

Me: Hello?

?: Hello, is this Essence Simmons?

Me: Yes it is may I ask who is speaking?

?: This is Nurse Emily, Lacie's caretaker in the hospital.

Me: Oh hello Emily, is everything all right?

I was starting to panic. Everyone stopped talking and looked at me.

Emily: Well, I am afraid to say that Lacie had a heart attack and is now in critical condition. You are her guardian correct?

I had tears in my eyes and now everyone looked concerned.

Me: Yes, I am her guardian. Will she be alright? May I come see her?

Emily: She will be fine she is just very sick. You can come visit her whenever you would like.

Me: I will be there right now. Is she in the same room?

Emily: Yes she is. See you soon then.

Me: OK thank you, good bye.

I then hung up, tears slowly sliding down my cheeks. "Who was that Essence? What did they say?" Harry asked concerned, wrapping me in a hug. I hug back and took big, deep breaths too calm myself. "That was Emily, Lacie's caretaker from the hospital. She had a heart attack and is now very sick. Do you mind if I go see her now?" I asked. "Of course not, I'll drive you there," he said. "OK thank you, do you mind picking me up in a couple of hours? I'll text you," I told Harry. "Oh and boys I have to ask you a favor when I come back," I told them all. They nodded and said there condolences. I still had to ask them about Lacie's birthday. Harry and I then got into his car and we took off for the hospital. Not saying a word I sat there and prayed. I prayed that everything will be alright, for once.


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