Lots of people hate Thunder!
But does Almany?

Thunder Sky;
never had it easy with a name like that who whould?
After being expell from school for vandalisum, he is given a new start at Mount Copper High School, where he meat's Almany Lee Hart.

Almany Lee Hart;
When a new boy starts at her school she is drawn into his mysterious ways,
but with a posh house and parents will she fall for someone like Thunder,

Never judge a book by its cover!
It's whats on the inside that count's, right?


3. The Girl.

Chapter 3

That’s when I see her.

A tall, skinny girl.

Standing in a doorway just in front of me, her hair reflects the sun’s glow, and it shows a beautiful red colour.

The bell goes and I find myself lost in a crowd of loud kids running this way and that.

I start to push through them and I find the door marked ‘Head Teachers Office’.

Before I could knock, the door opens and ‘the girl with the red hair’ walks out.

I can see her properly now,

Her eyes are a deep green and her hair is more orange then red, and now she look’s prettier than before.

‘’sorry’’, she says, walking past me.

She walks of down the hallway.

She looks back at me and smiles.

Beautiful, that’s what she was.

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