Lots of people hate Thunder!
But does Almany?

Thunder Sky;
never had it easy with a name like that who whould?
After being expell from school for vandalisum, he is given a new start at Mount Copper High School, where he meat's Almany Lee Hart.

Almany Lee Hart;
When a new boy starts at her school she is drawn into his mysterious ways,
but with a posh house and parents will she fall for someone like Thunder,

Never judge a book by its cover!
It's whats on the inside that count's, right?


1. Expelled.


Lots of people hate Thunder, But does Almany?

Chapter 1














135 Green Park


Kings cross



Dear Miss Indigo Skye,

It has come to my awareness that your son has been involved in some vandalism in and around school,

Therefore, Thunder will be expelled; we have accommodated him and the other vandal’s to different school as I believe they are all bad influences,

Thunder will start Mount Copper High School at the start of next term.

Yours sincerely,

Mr E. Walton

Head teacher of Hampton Heath High.


 Mum didn’t mind that I was expelled, well not that much.

She was angry for awhile but after a day she didn’t mind.

“That school’s the bad influence’’ she said, comforting me,

“I don’t know where to buy the uniform”

“or anything about that school’’ she said in a huff

“I think they wear green polo shirts, and I’ll just wear my black jeans and converse like I did at Hampton’’ I said trying to reassure her,

I don’t think it exactly worked

“Where will we buy the blazer and polo?’’ she asked,

“I’ll ask Marty, you know the lad that lives down stairs, well I’m sure his brother goes to mount copper so I’ll borrow a shirt of him’’.

“Well go now then’’ she said, pushing me off the sofa.

I walk out of our small flat and head for the lift, yeah I know it’s only about 30 steps away but there’s always some left over curry sauce or something that someone’s dropped, so I always do my best to avoid the stairs.

The lifts not that much better, but it’s quick and safe, and trust me around these parts being safe can be hard!

I find the flat in no time, knock on the door and wait.

“Ah, hello there thunder, come to see Marty I s’pose’’ said Marty’s mum,

“Actually, I wondered if you had any spare, well um’’ I didn’t want to tell her that we couldn’t afford uniform, but then again I suppose were all in the same boat round here.

“Well you see I’m starting at mount copper next week and’’,

She didn’t need to hear any more, she walked over to I pile of clothes near the stairs and handed me a green polo shirt,

“Can’t help you with, the rest though’’ she said with a sad look on her face,

“Thanks anyways’’ I said, taking the clothes and making my way back to our flat,

Mum was in the kitchen making dinner when I got back

“Sorted’’ I said, kicking the door shut behind me.

Mum pokes her head around the door,

“Just say that I’ve ordered the blazer, yeah’’

“Yeah’’ I said and walk off into my room, I fling myself onto my bed and relax in a room of colour and mystery.

I have a lot of things in my room that I’m not too sure what they are or how I got them, I just thought they looked cool, so I have them sitting in my room now, looking cool.


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