Lots of people hate Thunder!
But does Almany?

Thunder Sky;
never had it easy with a name like that who whould?
After being expell from school for vandalisum, he is given a new start at Mount Copper High School, where he meat's Almany Lee Hart.

Almany Lee Hart;
When a new boy starts at her school she is drawn into his mysterious ways,
but with a posh house and parents will she fall for someone like Thunder,

Never judge a book by its cover!
It's whats on the inside that count's, right?


2. A New Start.

Chapter 2

I spend the week by myself, walking cloud my dog, I draw and play the guitar, not a lot basically.

Monday comes fast, one minute I’m expelled from school and the next I’m halfway down the road walking to a new one.

As I walk people around me stop and stare, I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve got a hoodie on or whether it’s because they can tell I’m from Green Park.

I decide it’s because I’ve got a hoodie on, because I don’t know how people can tell you’re from a certain place.


When I walk into the school people continue to stare and I know it’s not because I’m wearing a hoodie or come from Green Park, it’s because I’m new.

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