Into The Eyes Of Niall Horan

Emma and Niall were really close when they were 13. Emmas dad got a job in Manchester England. Until the day that changed emmas life. Forever. Niall mentions her in a interview.


2. The Phone Call

I jumped up and ran into my room. I went to my dresser and dug for my old diary. I found it. Inside was a piece of paper with Nialls phone number on it. "Hopefully he didn't change it." I whispered. It started ringing. "Hello?" His voice said. I haven't actually made contact with him in years. "Hey Niall it's Emma. I love you." "Emma? You mean the Emma that I haven't talked to since I was 13 and just had a interview about?" "Yeh." "Emma where are you? I'm coming for you now." "Still in Manchester." "Ok I'll be there later text me your address and I'll just be there goodbye." he hung up the phone. I ran to go start getting ready. This would take a while.
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