Into The Eyes Of Niall Horan

Emma and Niall were really close when they were 13. Emmas dad got a job in Manchester England. Until the day that changed emmas life. Forever. Niall mentions her in a interview.


1. The Interveiw

I was sitting in my apartment with my mum. We hear a one direction Interveiw exclusively with Niall and about his love life on next. I loved one direction. To be exact I went to school with Niall. Up until I was 13. When my daddy got a job in Manchester. It's ok here. But I miss Niall. I mean we were really close. We would hangout out at least once a day. Now he's a popstar and probably forgets about me. I lived her with my mum, dad, little brother, and my dog. Life was good I guess. The Interveiw came on. My mum was too busy reading her book to pay any attention. "Emma could you turn down the tv?" she asked. "No mum Nialls on tv. Shhh." I replied to her. "Don't tell me to shhhh." I ignored her. Then came Nialls face. His beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. "A lot of people have been saying me and Demi are going out. Just saying its not true. I know this girl. She moved away when I was 13." my heart dropped. I moved when I was 13. "Emma if your watching this I can't live without you. I need you. Please come back." He said. Then the screen went black.
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