Into The Eyes Of Niall Horan

Emma and Niall were really close when they were 13. Emmas dad got a job in Manchester England. Until the day that changed emmas life. Forever. Niall mentions her in a interview.


13. My Best Friend Very Best Friend Till The Very End

I couldn't get any of this off my mind. I was hanging with Eleanor "Hey el can I ask you something?" I asked her. "Yea Emma you know I'll always be there for you ask me anything." She replied. "So when you and Lou were together last year did you goto concerts or did you stay at home?" I asked her. "Well for the time they were in the us and Canada I came because I was studying there. Then in england I came most of the time." She replied. "Ok cool what about Perrie?" I asked. "Well she was busy with little mix so I'm not really that sure so I would think not. "Ok thanks!" I said to her happily. I wasn't in a band or I wasn't a actress or anything I was just normal me. Normal average person, while Perrie was a singer and Eleanor was a model. Niall and I wouldn't last much longer. I have nothing special about me
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