Into The Eyes Of Niall Horan

Emma and Niall were really close when they were 13. Emmas dad got a job in Manchester England. Until the day that changed emmas life. Forever. Niall mentions her in a interview.


11. Desisons

Niall started to try to un-clip my top. "No! Niall don't. Serrioulsy. I think we should wait longer. Until we are in deep love. "Babe I've loved you since 3ed grade." Niall said disappointed. "I'm sorry but if anything I wait until marriage or at least try to." Niall looked disappointed. I felt bad but if anything did happen my mom would hate me. I was only 18. After the day was over we got back. Niall spent the night at my house. We cuddled and watched a few movies and kissed a few times. I really loved Niall with all my heart. I just didn't know what to do. I was still young and I had all that time ahead of me. What if Niall just got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, right here right now? Want if Niall got up and walked out right now. The next morning we got some brakefast and spent the whole day together along with Louis and Eleanor. I may not have said but Louis has became my closest guy friend I've ever had. He can be immature at times. When it came to problems with me and Niall me and my family. Or anything he was always there. Eleanor and I also became really good friends. I guess you can call my life good. 
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