Into The Eyes Of Niall Horan

Emma and Niall were really close when they were 13. Emmas dad got a job in Manchester England. Until the day that changed emmas life. Forever. Niall mentions her in a interview.


8. Beach. Well Almost.

I ran upstairs l grabbed my bathing suit. I know I would never look as pretty as Eleanor or Perrie. I put my bathing suit on. I pulled my hair up into a poney tail and put a pair of black sandals on. I walked downstairs. "Ok ready?" I asked Niall. "He turned around looking at me. He looked shocked. "Wow you look.... Beautiful." He said staring at me. "Ok let's go." He snapped out of the staring and said. "We have to run to my hotel first so I can get my stuff." He said getting in the car. We drove the hotel. Niall ran inside I stayed in the car. I stayed inside the car. Niall came out 5 minutes later he had his bathing suit on and he had a bag of stuff. He got back in the car. We drove. When we got to the beach Louis Harry Liam Zayn Perrie and Eleanor were there. I never thought I would be surrounded by this many famous people. "Hey guys this is my friend Emma." Niall said they all said hey. "Ok let's go" Harry said in his funny slow British accent. We walked. "Let's sit here." I said. They looked at me like I was crazy. "No Emmy follow me haha." Niall said. He took my hand and pulled me to follow the others. There was a small boat. We go in it. Louis was driving. Oh god. We started off. From a distance I saw a island
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