Forever Unstoppable

Alexis Kennedy, 18 years young. Rising superstar. Taken. By Niall James Horan. God, could my life get any worse? Most girls would kill me just to TALK to Niall. But no, I'm stuck dating my high school bully. The one who made me change from the perfectly fine person I was then, into the person I am now. I've changed, but have I changed enough to let the past go?


1. I'm Dating Who?

There's a fine line between want and need. Just to be clear, I don't want this at all, I need this. No matter how much I disliked this idea. See, I need Niall Horan. Not just Niall Horan, but for him to be my boyfriend. How could we be in a relationship if we can't even be friends in the first place?

See, I'm a rising superstar. I have a manager, probably one of the best there's ever been, and every thing else you could imagine. Except a record deal, or the slightest chance to even work in a studio. Why? Because everywhere I went, everything I did, I didn't have the "it factor." I was missing something. I needed a freaking boyfriend to complete my image. Or at least that's what my manager believes.

Oh no no no, not just a boyfriend. I needed the boyfriend. "The" as in famous. Or at least someone well known. At first, I thought I'd just date some Disney Channel actor, like David Henrie or something. You know, not well known, but everyone's heard of you? No? Okay, well, I don't make sense that much anyways.

I feel so rude. Here I go, telling you about what my problem is, my life story, and you don't even know my name! So here we go. I'm Alex Kennedy. Well, my first name is Alexis, it call me that, and you're dead. I can't stand that name. Also, I was born in Mullingar, Ireland, but moved to London the second I finished highschool. I'm 5 '6, a brunette, have blue eyes, and freckles.

Honestly, I used to look nothing like what I do now. See, in Middle and High School I was bullied for my appearance. By the one and only Niall James Horan. See, I was a chubby - okay, fat, teenager. I used to have short blonde hair and green eyes. I was a sight, that made eyes sore. So, after my sophomore year ended, I started going on a strict diet and lost 80 pounds. Once I left school, I dyed my hair and got contacts.

Even after my drastic change, I still didn't feel right. I knew I looked good, but I didn't feel like I was in my own body. It was weird, I used to shop in size 10 and beyond, and now I'm a size 2. It's just so different. And I knew exactly what made me feel this way. The last thing that Niall ever said to me.

"You worthless creature. You look so ugly, with your size 12 clothes and rounded glasses. I'm happy that you're leaving, I went through enough pain looking at your face every day."

Well, that was the clean version. He tends to curse a lot.

"So Niall, Alex. Do you agree?" Tilly, my manager interrupted my thoughts.

"No effing way!" I said, a little too fast.

"Alex, again! How many times do I have to say this? If you don't accept, I won't find anyone else to date you! Might as well say goodbye to your career." Tilly responded, threatingly.

"I think we could at least try." Niall butted in. Why would he even agree to this? Oh yeah, he doesn't remember me. I changed in several ways, and even my last name changed. My mom got remarried this year, my former last name was Riley.

"Okay, then. I'll try." I agreed, hopefully I won't regret this later. If Niall didn't know who I was... This would be interesting.

"First thing's first. Niall, pick Alex up at seven on the dot at her place. Here's her address," Tilly said, as she slipped Niall a piece of paper. "Bring her to Santa Maria's. There's already reservations for you two. Have fun." Tilly finished, and left the room quickly.

"Why do you hate me Alex?" Niall asked.

"Hate's a strong word." I replied, a little too quick.

"Come on, you've been glaring at me all day."

"I just met you an hour ago."

"Same difference."

"Is not."

"Is too."

"You're acting like a baby." I pointed out.

"Fine, whatever. Why do you hate me?" He asked again.

"I have my reasons." I responded, and left the room as fast as possible.

I left the office, and drove myself home. Holy crap, it's 5:30! I needed to get ready for our "date." Like I even cared about the date. I'm only getting ready because the paparazzi will be there. I need to look effing hot when I'm on camera.

When I arrived home, it was 5:45. I took a quick shower first. I quickly dried myself off, but let my hair air-dry. It looked better that way, I didn't know why. I put on a light blue Peter-pan collared shirt with white high-waisted shorts. To top it off, I put on my white fedora hat with a blue ribbon around it. I wore my charm bracelet, and slipped on some wedges. By the time I was finished getting ready, my hair was dry.

I jumped up a little when I heard a knock on the door. It was already 6:50.

"It's open!" I yelled, while re-brushing my teeth.

"You look… Wow..." Niall stated, clearly staring at my butt.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." I told him, with toothpaste in my mouth.

"Moody, much?" He asked, while I spit out the remaining toothpaste in my mouth.

"Funny." I mumbled, rinsing out my mouth. God, if he wasn't a total bully, I would actually like him. We exited my flat, and took a limo to Santa Maria's. Fans were screaming outside the resteraunt, and I felt a little jealous. Knowing that all these fans were screaming for Niall, not me. Not even one. We entered, and sat in the back.

"Drinks?" The teenage waitress asked. She obviously knew who Niall was, I could tell by the death glares she was giving me, but she kept it to a minimum. She acted somewhat professional.

"Sweat Tea, please." Niall ordered.

"For you?" She asked me.

"Lemonade for me, thanks." I ordered.

The lady left, and returned with our drinks. We needed a few minutes to determine what we would eat, so she said she'd return within a few minutes. Niall ended up ordering a meal-for-two, completely against my will. After a few minutes, Niall convinced me to share with him. When we ate, Niall ate way more than he should've. I was fine with it though, I wasn't that hungry. I lost my appetite when he picked me up.

We exited the resteraunt, and there were tons of paparazzi and fans outside.

"Hey, who's the girl?"

"Niall could do better with me!"

"Is that you're girlfriend?"

"She's gorgeous, Niall!"

"Who do you think you are? You're with my man!"

That was what the majority was screaming. Besides the death threats and colorful language. See, I don't curse, so I don't repeat any curse words either. Occasionally, I'll let one slip, but not on purpose. The fans didn't bother me, I would get used to this one day. We made it to Niall's car, and be stopped to grab my hands, I flinched, but brushed it off. Then he kissed me. Then I did something crazy.

I kissed him back.
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