You've got that One Thing ❤

Paige was a 16 year old. She has long, straight, dirty blonde hair with the most beautifulist blue eyes. She was sorta small and had the best body. Her little sister Shayla, 10and split image of Paige, lived together in their own apartment because their parents had died in a car accident. They had no aunties or uncles, grandparents or cousins. Paige had to work 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, while shayla was at home by her self making trouble. One day shayla go's out the house at meets one direction. When paige meets them, is it true love?


4. The Call

Paiges POV:
OMG! I think I just died! Harry just gave me his no. What if he does that to every girl? I'm not even pretty, why would he ask me? What if his just using me? All these questions ran through my head. Just ring him, I thought. So I did!
H: Hello?
P: Hey it's me from Nandos
H: Oh, Hey! I thought you would never ring!
I had the biggest smile on, I'm so glad he couldn't see me.
H: Anyway I didn't catch your name?
P: Oh sorry, its Paige.
H: Cute!
P: Thanx
H hey do you want to catch up some time?
"Who you talking to?" it was Shayla.
I just told her to shh
P: sure when?
H: Starbucks tommorow at 11
P: Sure, I don't have work tomorrow
Cya I've got to go, Bye!
H: Bye love!
Shayla just made kissing noises 
"Shut up" I screamed. She laughed.
"Tomorrow I'm going out at 11 so your going to be a good girl and stay at home, ok?" "Ok, but where are you going?" "Starbucks with a friend" "Ohh" she said sounding upset. "I'm sorry."
"I've had a long day so in going to bed, goodnight" "Goodnight"
I headed for the shower when and went straight to bed. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.
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