You've got that One Thing ❤

Paige was a 16 year old. She has long, straight, dirty blonde hair with the most beautifulist blue eyes. She was sorta small and had the best body. Her little sister Shayla, 10and split image of Paige, lived together in their own apartment because their parents had died in a car accident. They had no aunties or uncles, grandparents or cousins. Paige had to work 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, while shayla was at home by her self making trouble. One day shayla go's out the house at meets one direction. When paige meets them, is it true love?


2. Shayla ❤

Paige's POV:
"Shayla I'm home!" I scream as I stepped into my house. "Come find me!" She screams back. I run into her room and open her wardrobe, and there she was sitting there in a little ball. "Next time hide somewhere different" 
Shayla wasn't very smart as she didn't go to school because I couldn't afford it. She was 8 when she left school. Poor shayla still acts like a year 3. 
"So what did you do today beautiful?" I asked her while picking her up from the wardrobe. "I draw a picture of me and you at the beach!" 
"Oh, can I see it?" "Yes, let me go get it". Shayla showed me the picture. There were two stick figures holding hands with the beach in the background, it was so cute! "Awwww it's so cute, can I keep it?" "Yes"
"So what else did you do today?" 
"I went for a walk!" "Shayla, NEVER go on a walk by yourself, you could get kidnapped and I would of never been able to see you again!" 
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