You've got that One Thing ❤

Paige was a 16 year old. She has long, straight, dirty blonde hair with the most beautifulist blue eyes. She was sorta small and had the best body. Her little sister Shayla, 10and split image of Paige, lived together in their own apartment because their parents had died in a car accident. They had no aunties or uncles, grandparents or cousins. Paige had to work 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, while shayla was at home by her self making trouble. One day shayla go's out the house at meets one direction. When paige meets them, is it true love?


5. I hate boys

Harry's POV:
It 10:55 and I need to get ready ready to see Paige's beautiful face. 
I put on some black jeans and a loose top, chucked on some toms and off I went to Starbucks. When I got there she wasn't there yet, so I found a table for two and sat down.
I heard the door open and looked up to see Paige looking as hot as ever.
Her hair was curled and sat perfectly on her shoulders. Her beautiful blue eyes just sparkled as they looked around for me. She's so pretty.

Paige's POV:
I looked around the room to see Harry staring at me, I walked over and say down. "Hey" "Hi" 
This waitress came over and it looked like Harry was flirting with her. Maybe Harry does this to every waitress. Her name tag said Alex. This so called Alex chic was tall, short blonde hair and really pretty blue eyes. I'm guessing he goes for the blonde haired, blue eyes, waitress chicks! Maybe Harry wasn't as nice as I thought he was.

Harry's POV:
OMG it's Alex, I havnt seen her since I dropped out of school. I was going to ask her out before I left but I thought it wouldn't of worked out do I didn't. I started to talk to her but Paige was giving me this weird look. Then she stood up and left. What did I do wrong?

Paige's POV:
I just stared at Harry, he didn't even notice me, well I don't think anyway. 
So I stood up and matched out the door and drove back home. When I got there I slammed the door shut and ran into my room completely forgetting about Shayla.
I jumped in my bed and started balking my eyes out. Why did I think that a boy would like me? He properly would of hated me after I told him about Shayla anyway.

I look at my phone to see 7 missed calls all from Harry. I then got a text saying "Paige, what is the matter? 
Was it something I said? Plz ring me back and tell me what's wrong! Harry xoxox"
Is he STUPID! He was flirting with another girl in FRONT of me and his wondering what's wrong! Oh I really hate boys sometimes!
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