You've got that One Thing ❤

Paige was a 16 year old. She has long, straight, dirty blonde hair with the most beautifulist blue eyes. She was sorta small and had the best body. Her little sister Shayla, 10and split image of Paige, lived together in their own apartment because their parents had died in a car accident. They had no aunties or uncles, grandparents or cousins. Paige had to work 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, while shayla was at home by her self making trouble. One day shayla go's out the house at meets one direction. When paige meets them, is it true love?


3. Him again

Paige's POV:
I had a really restless night. I sat up and opened my eyes, I saw the same green eyes and curly hair that I saw at work yesterday. I rubbed my eyes to see if I was dreaming, which I was. I know his hot and all but dreaming about him is sorta strange. I got up quietly so I didn't wake up Shayla. Work started at 8am and finished at 2pm. It was 6 so I decided to have a shower. When I got out the shower I heard screaming coming from Shaylas room, so I chucked my clothes on and ran into her room. 
"Shay what's wrong!" I asked in shocked. "I had a dream that I got kidnapped and they killed me!"
"Oh Shayla, it's alright you're still alive and are with me." Shayla started to cry into my chest. "This is why you don't go walking by yourself, ok." "Ok, I will never go walking again unless I'm with you" she said through sobs. "Lest go get some breakfast to calm you down and before I go to work, ok" "ok"

At work

"Paige, Your 2mins late!" Sian said. 
"Well I'm sorry, maybe I've got a life!" I said a bit to loud because everyone looked at me. I just walked off to get someone's order. Like yesterday I didn't look up to see who it was. "Are you ready to order?" "Yes please" I reconigesd that voice, I looked up to see the same boys as yesterday except without the girls. "Hello again" said the boy with blue eyes and brown hair, he has the cutest smile. "Hey" I replied shyly. "Don't be shy love" said the blonde, I just chuckled. They all ordered but then the hot one said "Thanx" and gave me something. I didn't open it until I was away from them. It read 
Call me maybe?'
I just blushed and shoved the note in my pocket before Sian saw. 
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