The magic games of Olympus

~ This is for the the Crossover Competition ~

Two people are chosen in each cabin, a girl and boy in Camp Half Blood to fight in the Hunger Games. To prevent war from the Gods again. While at training in Hogwarts something mysteriously happens.
*special thanks to hunger games, percy Jackson and Harry potter*


13. Worst day ever

The person was leading us to the labratory. The person asked for a strand of my hair. I got a strand and gave it. After few hours of waiting we followed the mentors. "Adrian with Grace, Madie and Raphael" I was like what the heck. Why him? The practice couldn't get worse later. They might give me something to wear that looks flattering just to earn sponsors in the Arena, what a waste. I rather die right now than to do this practice, pairing thing. 

"Nico di Angelo and Thalia Grace, Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang, Foxface and Blake Castor, Stephanie Octavia and Marvel,  Zoe Nightshade and Leo Valdez, Cashmere Cresta and Luke Castellan, Katie Gardener and Lanz Haxton, Jason Grace and Lavander Brown, Clarisse La Rue and Chadston Hadley. Johanna Mason and Lee Fletcher”

I followed Katniss and Peeta. "You both are pairs from the Hermes cabin and Aphrodite" said Peeta "This must be a mistake" I said "Nope, to get more sponsors" he said. I hesitated 

"Why do you have this when you were tributes?" I asked

"Yes and No" said Katniss

"Yes because our mentor Haymitch suggests us to do this in a 'good way' to get more sponsors" said Katniss

"And no because there wasn't practicing in kissing and those stuff" said Peeta 

"But we are gonna make you practice" said Katniss

Are you guys a maniac?! I thought


Madie's POV

I hate this day. This day. Why?! Why?! I do not need this romance thing with ugh. Raphael. But, nothing to about it. Katniss and Peeta, my mentors, are going to mentor us. Why in the world will the people want us to be freaking be together?! The day before they told me to wear something romantic and flattering. Yuck. I only had the dress given by my mom. It was red and has a sweetheart neckline. The belt was lace and I paired it with black stilettos. I was uncomfortable so I wore a motorcycle black jacket. My hair was curled on the lower part and straight at the upper part. My makeup was silver eyeliner and eye shade. My lips were red. The look was finished with a silver dove pendant necklace given by Grace.    



Raphael's POV

Ugh. I hate this day!! I don't want to be with Madie!! And Grace is with Adrian. Great, just great. One day there all lovey-dovey in front of the people then next thing you know, there already really dating. I dont know how to explain my anger. I don't like Adrian. If he hurts her in anyway, I am not going to make him live. If they date, I'm going to kill myself. Me and Madie got ready and I headed for Katniss and Peeta's place to practice. I saw Madie, she was pretty as usual like her mom, Aphrodite. Then I bumped to someone. "hey, why won't you look your way?!" I am so pissed that it ruined my mood. "I'm sorry! Next time, I will" wait! I can notice that voice anywhere. It was Grace! Great, just great. I just shouted at her. "I'm sorry grace! I didn't mean to!" "it's okay! It was my fault anyway" I didn't get to understand her last response cause she was so pretty. I caught myself staring.  

Grace's POV

"hellooo?" I said putting a hand in his face. "oh, hi!! I'm sorry about that!!". It's okay. Where you going" I asked him. "im going to meet with Katniss. And Peeta. "oh okay! Bye then!" I walked away. I heard him said " bye".  I smiled but don't get me wrong. We are just friends. Okay? Friends. Then suddenly my mom, Athena appeared smirking badly. Oh no! I know that smirk. That means she might think im in love. "I am not in love, mom." "Then who was that boy?" "a friend. " "Alright. Let's just see. " then she disappeared. What did her last words mean?  

Raphael's POV  I wasn't listening to them until my heart stop when they said kiss. Omgg!! I started to see what they were talking about. "so, we are going to practice your kiss!" Katniss said. " what the heck", Madie said. "fine but if you want, we can demonstrate. " Peeta said. Katniss was mumbling something but was audible. "no! I don't want" "But you like", he said. With a smile"fine".

 Katniss' POV

I didn't want to but a part of me said I should. I don't know. But before I knew it, my thoughts were out of my mind a soon as Peeta placed his lips against mine. It was just a demonstration so we had to make it real. I kissed back, slowly and slightly open my mouth for our tongues began to duel. We have to do that for them to follow what were doing. We didn't want people to die so we are doing this. But I felt him kiss harder, so did I. I closed my eyes and finally pulled away. That felt so real. I looked at him and we just had sparks.

Peeta's POV

That kiss was....... I don't know to explain. But when I remembered what we were doing, I broke the silence and said- "now, it's your turn guys. " You have to do what I- we did. " katniss said. "NOOOOOOOOO!", they screamed at the same time. I got mad and said" we are wasting our time just for this!! Do you want to die knowing no one supported you?!?! Fine. If that's what you like and want" "fine, we will do it. " I help you Madie and Peeta, help Raphael."  

Madie's POV This must be the worst possible moment of my freaking life. " Madie and raphael, face each other". Great, this moment is getting possibly worse. We faced each other.  We were not looking at each other. Katniss was the one doing the talking. "Look in the eye!" then we looked. Great, just getting worse. I noticed that he was scared and I think I knew why.

Adrian's POV

I hate that dude. We both liked the same girl. My best friend, Madie's, girl best friend, Grace. But he was doing everything. Wait. I have an idea. Madie told me that they, Madie and Raphael will have mentoring in romance and I knew what might happen. I decided to brake his relationship with Grace and texted her at the right moment.    

Madie's POV 

This moment is getting worse  I don’t want to kiss him!!!!! Then without notice, Katniss pushed my head, the same with Peeta with Mellark. Then there, we were kissing. I think my mind is broken, useless and not need in use cause we were kissing! "put some tongue", they said, smirking.

Adrian's POV

Oh. My. Goodness. They are kissing. This is so freaking sweet. That boy, I hate him. I don't want to hurt Madie, but I can't stop My feelings and Texted Grace. I used madie cause she left it. Sweet!! I texted' Hey girlfriend!', I really wanted that to happen. But it was acting Madie texting, so it's not weird. I continued ' Can we meet near Katniss and Peeta's cabin? Make it fast!! :) Bye.' I knew Katniss and Peeta will not make them stop.  

Grace's POV

I felt weird in my gut. I don't know why but then my phone vibrated and it was Madie. I read it and did what It says. I put down my book and started walking towards the cabin. I was happy to meet with her cause I was bored but my gut still felt weird. But when I looked at the window, cause she wasn't outside and then my heart stopped. I saw Madie kissing Raphael. I dont know why but I was angry. Raphael is just my friend but why did my heart break when I saw them more,of him. Was I stupid enough to be falling in love?!?!    

Adrian's POV

There! Success!!!! I finally let her see the real him. She still wasn't moving away from the cabin. I decided to celebrate my success at my room.              



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