The magic games of Olympus

~ This is for the the Crossover Competition ~

Two people are chosen in each cabin, a girl and boy in Camp Half Blood to fight in the Hunger Games. To prevent war from the Gods again. While at training in Hogwarts something mysteriously happens.
*special thanks to hunger games, percy Jackson and Harry potter*


16. Training scores

"Your training scores will be given later after you show your skill there will be a broomstick for you" he said looking at me. "And swords" he said. "I've seen you at training. Your very good with it" Katniss told me "Thanks" I said. "In the meantime let's practice your posture, how you walk with heels for the inteview tomorrow" she said. Chadston went with Peeta. I wonder where Raphael is maybe with the other girl from the Hermes cabin. I went to anothe room with her.

"Good posture, smile always" Katniss said. I obeyed her. "How am I even gonna catch their attention?" I asked harshly 

"Smile at them and they will realize your beauty" she said with a smile. I was wearing a long gown with high heels. I had a hard time walking. The dress keeps tangling at the heels. After few minutes of practicing 

I was waiting for the Aphrodite kids to be called then for Chadston's turn.

It was Chadston's turn "Good luck" I said. He gave me a smile. After few minutes of waiting "Madie Everdeen" said the voice. "Madie Everdeen" I said. The sponsors looked at me.

I got my broomstick, it was a Fire bolt. I did some flips. Next I will do is to catch the golden snitch and hit the bludger with my bat. Next I got a wand and cast some spells and charms against the robot.

The sponsors were drunk. Ignoring my act. Acting as if I don't exist. "Hey!" I shouted. They ignored. Some people were looking at me. But most were drunk. I was aiming my wand at the bottles. Without thinking "Confringo" I said. The bottle blasted. They looked startled, wide eyed.  "Thank you for watching me. It was an honor. Those shards of glass look good on you, by the way." I said sarcastically and stormed away without being dismissed. Oh my gosh! Why did I do that? I was so angry and couldn't handle my emotions. I went back to the tower and went to my room. Oh my gosh! I think they'll punish me for what I did  or give me a low training score. Ugh! This day couldn't get worse...... Peeta and Katniss knocked. I didn't even mind trying opening the door. I was laying under the blanket of my bed depressed, angry. "C'mon Madie the scores will be out" Katniss said. I went out looking horrible. "What happen to you" said Peeta. "Madie, what happen a while ago?" Katniss asked. I sighed "I cast a spell on the sponsors" I said 

"You what?" asked Peeta

"Not actually on the sponsors. At the bottle near them which was wine. I did a blasting spell." I replied

"Why did you do that?" he asked

"Most of them were drunk and acting as if I don't exist." I said

"Hey! Katniss why aren't you asking questions to her" he said looking at Katniss

"She reminds me of me when I was younger. You remember Peeta when we were at the games" she said

"Yah. But she might have a low training score which causes low sponsors" said Peeta

"She'll do fine" Katniss said calmly

"They won't punish me or-" I said

"Probably not" Katniss said

I went to sit down with Chadston and waited for the scores. "You Chadston what did you do?" I asked

"Throw some knives, did some sword skills. I showed some rock climbing skills. 

"From cabin one Thalia Grace, ten. Jason Grace ten. Poseidon cabin Johanna Mason, eight. Adrian Jackson , nine. Hades cabin Hazel Levesque, nine. Nico di Angelo, nine. Hera cabin Lavender Brown, eight. Lanz Haxton, nine. Athena cabin Grace Chase, ten. Luke Castellan, ten. From the Ares cabin Clarrise La Rue, ten. Frank Zhang, nine. Hephaestus cabin Fox face, nine. Leo Valdez, ten. Demeter cabin Katie Gardener, nine. Marvel ten. Apollo cabin Cashmere Cresta, nine. Lee fletcher eight. Artemis cabin Zoe nightshade, ten. Blake Castor, nine. Hermes cabin Stephanie Octavia, eight. Raphael Mellark, nine. Aphrodite cabin Chadston Hadley, nine. Madie Everdeen, eleven." said Caesar Flickerman looking impressed on my score. Peeta, Katniss, Cinna, Portia  cheered.

"I thought they hated me" I said in a relief. "I think the sponsors liked you" Peeta said. We celebrated.....

It was Dinner. "So what will be your outfit for the interview. Huh Cinna? Maybe fierce or elegant or what Cinna?" he said

"I have everything handled" he said 

I still kept thinking about my score. This day couldn't get worse. I headed back to my bed and slept.







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