The magic games of Olympus

~ This is for the the Crossover Competition ~

Two people are chosen in each cabin, a girl and boy in Camp Half Blood to fight in the Hunger Games. To prevent war from the Gods again. While at training in Hogwarts something mysteriously happens.
*special thanks to hunger games, percy Jackson and Harry potter*


5. The talk

"hi" I said to him as his smile fades he didn't respond "so why are you with Grace?" I asked he didn't reply. "Did I disturb something?" I said he didn't reply "fine be that way" I said to him. What's wrong with him? I went towards Romaine and whispered to her "why isn't he replying" I whispered to her. She shrugged. Raphael went to Grace and smiled at her. I looked at him as if he dumped me. I left them together. I went out of the train and went to my room. As I went back someone grabbed me by my shoulder. I screamed "shhhh" said a voice it was Adrian. He was holding a basket. "Where are we going?" I asked "somewhere" he said. He grabbed me by the hand and led me back outside the train. We went on the roof and had like a dinner picnic. "What is this?" I asked curiously. "Nothing" he said with a grin "is that I saw you passed my train finding you looking at me and that girl" he said going slightly pink "yah, so?" "I just thought you were jealous" he said

"I am not jealous" I said raising my voice. "Okay okay" he said we ate under the dark sky with stars. I went star gazing. I can't believe I am breaking the rules. What were we talking about? There is nothing romantic with me and him were just friends. But he suddenly spoke again “this is the best moment” he said softly to my ear “what?” I said

“Nothing” he said. This was the best moment with my best friend. “Happy Hunger Games” he said throwing a red apple to me “and may the odds be ever in your favor” I said grabbing the apple. I watch as Adrian pulls out his knife and cuts the bread. We both ate it with peanut butter. I thought of the talk with Raphael. I don’t know why I have to worry about him. I couldn’t help thinking why he did that to me. I gazed at the stars seeing a girl with the face of Prim. I miss them the people in camp half-blood. “Let’s go back” I said yawning. I went down to my room and slept.


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